Judges And Princes

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Torah, “Exodus,” 22:27: “You shall not curse a judge, neither shall you curse a prince among your people.”

A person who is in an internal state of freewill has a right line and a left line, one opposite the other, and he has to connect the two without annulling the left line in any way, since the left line is judgment (Din), while the right line is mercy, (Hesed).

A person has to understand that the judge and everyone who deals with restrictions do so for his own good and for his advancement. Therefore he should accept every judgment, understanding that this is how he should behave and advance.

At the same time, he should have no critical thoughts and not think that the judgment is unjust. The judge is always right. This is probably because in the past judges were not as corrupt as they are today.

A prince is the Creator’s governor: It is the force that is revealed and moves you forward and which is the greatest force in your current state so that you will under no circumstances think that it isn’t the Creator’s representative who manages you inside you. It is always the Creator who is concealed this way (in this case in the image of Moses). So each time you should imagine that you are alone with him.

Question: So why do the people curse Moses all the time?

Answer: The Torah speaks about how a person corrects his ego and how in the process of correction there are constant descents, ascents, disagreements, and curses. So the story of the Torah seems very boring.

Although different events are described they are all very similar and according to the same pattern, the heroes of each story actually go through the same situations. They try to do something but they don’t succeed, and there are arguments, problems, and certain explosions, then there is the punishment, and then everything subsides and we proceed to the next event, and then everything repeats itself. The whole Torah is about these specific states.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 5/27/13

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