Ants Under The Load Of Bestowal

Dr. Michael LaitmanCreation is basically a desire to receive, a created being, “something from nothing,” which means zero, nothing, absolutely naught. The only case an action can be attributed to the desire to receive is if the desire operates thanks to the force of the Light, the force of bestowal that it receives from the Creator.

Until then it remains “from nothing,” which means that nothing comes from it. But if it receives power from the Light and operates thanks to this power it becomes “something.” Therefore, it is called “something from nothing.” But it’s only this kind of work that turns the desire into “something” and without which it is “nothing.”

It’s a concept. Not only doesn’t the desire exist, but there is nothing we can speak about since it cannot respond or act in any way on its own. Something can be conveyed through it, but in itself it is “nothing.”

So “something from nothing” is “something” in the “nothing.” If something of the Creator is revealed in the matter of the zero desire, then it’s already “something from nothing.” From this point a human being can already develop. Its origin from “nothing” is the most important addition, since in itself, out of its personal choice, with the help of the power it received from the Creator, from the spark of the point in the heart, it received something from the mind and the heart and has turned the “nothing” into “something.”

So how does the created being, which is “nothing,” receive the point of “something” from the Creator? We don’t know that. Later when we ascend the spiritual levels, we attain it.

There are people who feel the beginning of “something” in their “nothing” and want to fulfill this spark. It’s fulfilled through the connection with the other sparks, which is possible only by overcoming the ego that separates them. The matter of the egoistic desire to enjoy is between them, meaning rejection, and by overcoming it, they connect into one big spark that has to reach a certain size in order to resemble the Light, resemble the “something.”

This means that there is also “something” in us and that it’s in exile, in the captivity of the power of the shells (Klipot). Our freewill, the action that can free the spark to work, is helping one another’s desire to rise above the envy, above the gap between us. It doesn’t happen by itself, but by studying, by a guide and by the work in the group. We don’t understand the mechanism of the events, but we go through them and this already creates a slight illumination. It stems from the corporeal actions, since we have no intentions yet, but we still act together in different areas, and this connection draws the Surrounding Light on the level of Nefesh.

So we begin to fulfill our spark, the point in the heart, by simple mechanical work. Later, however, when we end this work, we begin a more clarified type of work since we already perform a certain role with regard to the group, are incorporated in the connection more consciously, and understand why and for what reason.

Now I have to make a decision as to how to continue, what steps to take and which to avoid. First I simply merged and now there are serious actions that I have to account for: How and for what purpose do I connect with the friends? Why should I overcome my ego? What should I pay for the connection and what should I do with the connection?

If I acquire the power of the connection, the force of bestowal, I don’t use it for my own benefit. I connect with the group in order to melt into them to receive the force of bestowal from the friends above my annulment, and now I am like an ant, carrying this force for others. Later I return to the group and take a new load from the friends, a new load of bestowal, and once more pass it on to others.

This means being a link, and this is where my free will is. This is the only thing I can choose; I remain an ant and don’t demand anything else. Just give me the power to carry out this work, to annul myself before the group and before the external public.

Why do I do that? I do it because I bring the Creator contentment this way, because I bring the message and the method of getting close to Him to the group and to people on the outside. I take their deficiencies, am incorporated in the group, and with it I raise a “prayer of many,” for the people on the outside.

There is nothing we can pray for in the group since we are in a state of Hafetz Hesed. The Creator wants them and not us. He has inserted a spark into us and now we can pray in a group so that He will give us the power to work with the wider public in order to bring Him contentment.

I return to the group over and over again with the external desires, raise a prayer, receive the force of bestowal, and pass it on to the public. This is my work, and while I perform it, I clarify the vessels or raise them above the Parsa, form the worlds of BYA to the world of Atzilut. Thus time and time again, I fulfill my free will with regard to every new discernment.

So at the unity evening in Gaash we feel the need for the connection between us; we build up the intention to have the power to go out to the wider public in order to take care of them and to serve them. By that we bring them a little of what brings the Creator contentment. In order to do that we need the power and this is why we connect.
From the Preparation of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/18/13

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