Servants Of The People

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe entire work of the priests, Cohens, about whom so much is written in the Torah, is essentially dedicated to caring about others. It may seem that these are some kind of ritual services in the Temple, carried out by the chief priest (Cohen HaGadol) together with the Cohens and Levites, while all the people serve them by bringing sacrifices. However, they teach the people and lead the entire correction because the Creator is expecting it particularly from the deepest and most distant from Him levels of desire.

We think that priests are something separated from the people, somewhere high up there. But on the contrary, the “kingdom of priests” are those who go to the people and take care of them, like taking care of a baby until he grows up and teaches complete adhesion with the Creator. The responsibility of a Cohen is to bring the people to this state.

The Light acts on the upper levels of the desire, which are called Cohens, Levites, and Israel. Then, these levels of desire work on the rest of the levels. This pyramid does not change until the final correction. However, when the Light of Rav Paalim uMekabtziel comes at the end of correction, it turns this pyramid into a circle.

Until then, a special order of corrections is observed, always coming from Above down through all of the worlds, until the very end, to the broken souls, and back up from them again.

According to the depth of their desire (Aviut), the souls receive a different governance through the worlds of Atzilut, Beria, Yetzira, and Assiya; or they even completely disconnect from the private upper governance, which is called the level of this world. That is why those who are in the lower worlds must receive governance through higher levels, the Cohens, Levites, and Israel, who have to provide the nations of the world with care, teaching, and upbringing. (This is how the four levels of desire are called.)

The nations of the world suffer on their level from material, earthly, problems, but this suffering is irremediable since these problems do not have a solution. The form of suffering is material, but its essence is spiritual because one has no other means for healing besides the movement to unite with the Creator.

That is why we need to organize a general system of new education and care for everyone. Only thanks to this will we become worthy of adhesion.

We need to understand that the goal of creation was originally directed at all of humanity. Hence, while aspiring to unite with one another, we must always remember for whose sake we are doing this. It is in order to bring the method of correction to the entire world that, day by day, is discovering its ever more desperate state. The world sees that it needs the method of correction, but it is not there. That is why we need to reveal it for ourselves and then pass it on to the world.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/19/2012, “The Arvut (Mutual Guarantee)”  

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