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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I have no doubt that we will come to the convention in high spirits and greatly impressed. But what should I do if the situation changes and a descent starts?

Answer: Of course we should expect waves: each of us separately and possibly everyone together. It is clear, but it is above them that we should work. Or do you think that the first contact with spirituality will set you free of all the problems? No, you should delve inwards with all your might and hang on like a bulldog.

When a big dog attacks you, you have to shove your hand into his jaws, as deeply as you can, and then it will have to let go. It is the same here: push forward as hard as you can.

Question: Will I be able to do that by myself?

Answer: You will be able to make everyone follow you, without a word. If you care about them, you “shift yourself and the whole world to a scale of merit.” This is because the spiritual force passes from one to all and from all to everyone. It isn’t just our mutual connection; it is above us.

Question: I don’t understand what the spiritual force is, but I do know what my egoism is. It will pressure me, but I won’t admit it and will hide it. And what if it comes to extremes, to unfounded hatred? I will bring everyone harm, won’t I?

Answer: These waves have been passing through you for years. It is normal, and we should overcome it. No one says that the convention is heaven into which you fly like an angel; of course not.

We gather together and disconnect from the world in order to create an atmosphere that will impress all of us. Then together, we will be able not only to neutralize our evil inclination, but also to overcome and to control it. It will “swell up” under us, like dough, and by staying on top of it we will reach the spiritual level. We have to go through all the thickness of the concealment, which is actually revealed in hatred.

Don’t expect everything to go smoothly, without any mishaps. We want it, we want to rise in one spurt, but each one will have his own thoughts and discernments. So bring all your hatred and don’t fear it. The main thing is that it is stirred up by the desire to connect with all the friends and not by something else.

Question: And what if I see that the friend goes though this state? Should I intervene, or should I leave him alone?

Answer: You must set another example for him: to hug him, to do something without pressure, gently, in order to help him rise. Don’t just ignore it because internally he disturbs everyone. We are all in the same boat; can we let anyone drill a hole in it? You have to envelop him with warmth so that he will be happy, so that he will come out of the descent.

Question: But what if I go wrong: It could be that he is deep in thought and I may think that he is in a descent.…

Answer: Think about everyone’s salvation and everything will be fine. Only love and concern.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/21/2012, Constitution of the Arava Convention 

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