Swept Away By The Spirit Of Love

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom the Constitution of the Arava Convention: During all the days of the convention I commit to disconnect internally and externally from the physical world and to forget about myself. I disconnect myself and am ready to escape from the present state, to jump into the Red Sea, to lose my head, to leave everything, remain naked and destitute, and to accept whatever comes, only because it comes from Above.

We should rise above everything that we are. Constant efforts are required here.

It says: “They helped every one his friend.” If the whole group aspires towards this ascent, to faith above reason, it will work on everyone, and it will be easy for everyone. Now we find it hard to connect, but if we want to use the power of unity, we will suddenly feel a relief.

When the general force operates on a person, the difficulties disappear. He stops fearing, and the current sweeps him away. This is what we must attain.

Actually, all the conditions are easy if we carry them out through unification.

In the convention everyone is responsible for all. It is mutuality, mutual guarantee. Everyone worries about the others, about unity. Inside me I should constantly pray for the friends so that they will connect, so that their desire will finally come true. If this prayer lives inside me, then undoubtedly I am also inside.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/21/2012, Constitution of the Arava Convention  

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