The Meaning Of The Pesach Holiday

massive1The Pesach (Passover) holiday stands for Pe-sach (skipping or selection) – selecting only those qualities from one’s entire egoism that can be corrected and used for bestowal, for the benefit of others.

When a person becomes convinced that his own nature is the only evil thing in the whole world, that it destroys him and others, he comes to the conclusion that he wants just one thing – to get rid of this evil that’s inside him.

When he tries to do this (by studying Kabbalistic texts which speak only about this, together with a group that strives to rise over the evil), he discovers that he’s unable to rise over his egoism. The recognition that it’s necessary to come out of his egoism, and the realization that he is hopeless and cannot do it on his own, produce an inner outcry to the Creator, to the One who created this. And that’s when the salvation from egoism comes!

So, let this salvation happen to everyone who wants it during this holiday!


  1. Looking forward to the new year!

  2. I’m a beginner. Are you saying that creature experiences anguish and frustration and hopelessness yet somehow has a clear realization that he’s impotent to change the ego and needs help and somehow the Creater responds to the internal agony of His creature by opening some door to salvation from ego? Is this the beginning of the Point in the Heart?

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