The World’s Problems Are Our Problems

ourSome politicians wish to explain that everything depends on our relationships with each other, but they lack the means to do this. Once you explain that everyone depends on everyone else, you oblige everyone to begin to unite with each other. That means to break all the previously existing systems, including the systems of national defense, the political systems, and all the forces of people’s opposition to one another. After all, until now, everything we did was based on competition, battle, and politics: one bank competing with another, one economy against another, and so on.

We now have to destroy all this, but how could we, if the whole power base of the individuals with authority in this world depends on these things?! Besides, when we break down the old system, we also have to make the connections between people congruent to the laws of Nature, similar to Nature, and this requires great effort on our part.

The crisis is caused by our lack of congruence to the laws of Nature. And if we open up this Pandora’s Box, we will enter the arena with the greatest concentration of power, strength, money, force, and armies. In other words, we will invade the place where the greatest egoism hides. It is particularly these people that must now realize that they are completely opposite to Nature – that they are unnecessary and detrimental.

Then we will come to the kind of situation that Karl Marx wrote about. Can you just imagine how many other problems will have to emerge until all of this will come to the surface?

It may seem that these problems are distant, global, and removed from us, as we ask, “where are they, and what do they have to do with me?” However, it is a fact that they determine our fate and our day to day lives.

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Doctors Have A New Diagnosis, “The Crisis Syndrome”

syndromeIn the News (translated from “The Crisis Syndrome” is a new diagnosis used by physicians and psychiatrists for patients with mood swings, headaches, high blood pressure and insomnia.

My Comment: It is written, “The Creator is the doctor of all doctors.” This means that when we reach a point where no doctor will be able to help any patient, people will turn to the real Doctor! Kabbalah already knows the remedy: Egoism is the cause of the disease, and the cure is to replace egoism with the quality of bestowal. Using this remedy, a patient will attain perfect health.

It says in the “Introduction to the Book of Zohar”: Egoism is the only cause of all the disasters, diseases, and failures. When we all unite, we are fulfilled with the Light of Life, but when we are separated, the Light of Life leaves us.

We Perceive Everything Inside Our Desires

good1Questions I received on perception, what the Creator wants from us, and how to use an ascent:

Question: Kabbalah says that everything is within us, including the Creator. But it also says that we must come out of ourselves and feel others. Isn’t there a contradiction?

My Answer: We perceive everything within our desires. However, these desires can either be “for oneself,” meaning within oneself, within one’s egoism, or “for others,” meaning outside of oneself, outside of one’s egoism. Either way, we perceive only what enters our senses.

Question: What does the Creator want from us? I don’t understand this at all. The only thing I understand is that I am the will to receive pleasure and He bestows all the pleasure. And if I want to attain His plan, I have to become like Him by attaining complete equivalence to the desire to bestow. This is necessary in order to attain His thoughts and ways. Am I on the right track?

My Comment: So far, yes. And you will reveal all the rest for yourself through your “conversations” with the Creator.

Question: How do you use an ascent most efficiently? I’m talking about the state where you are overwhelmed with emotion, with the importance of the goal, the unity of souls and so on. After a Congress there is always a very clear, tangible sensation of a new degree, and I want to make the most out of it.

My Comment: Immerse yourself in the books and try to discern new things in the text.

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The Crisis Is Necessary for Us To Reach Togetherness

whats-the-right-attitude-to-have-to-this-world1In the News (translated from Russian Newsweek): Western Europe has a strong collective ideology. People are more open to each other and are accustomed to helping each other. In Russia, however, most people live by the principle, “looking out for number one.” Nevertheless, Russia is now adopting the Western style: it is actively developing its social networks, people are forging connections and learning to communicate.

My Comment: This is why the crisis was necessary. But how much more suffering will we have to experience in order to recognize its purpose?! If only we would understand that we are causing suffering to ourselves by behaving egoistically in the closed system of the human society. If we would just realize this, we’d be able to grow closer to each other painlessly. We would experience perfection, because the system of humanity would be working correctly.

In the News (from The Telegraph):Recession has made us ‘more compassionate’ ” Survey findings show that one in three [people] thinks society will come out of the recession more caring and compassionate.

My Comment: You see, now even a “prim and proper” Englishman feels the need for community. People are sensing that the world has become globalized and that it is necessary to unite and understand others.

We Need New, Positive Internet Resources

interIn the News (translated from RuNet (the Russian Internet) is proud to open up a competition called, “Fighting Dirt,” for the best positive Internet-resource for youth.

My Comment: A person is a product of his society. He is constantly under the influence of society, and therefore, the only thing we have to care about is the social influence. This is what we must change, rather than the individuals.

The mass media must have freedom and diversity when it comes to how they present their information, but the information presented has to be useful. It has to tell people about the global world and it has to be amicable, to match the system of Nature. We have to develop all the things that favor altruism, and eliminate all the things that favor egoism.

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People Don’t Have To Hear The Word Kabbalah To Hear Kabbalah’s Message

laitman_2009-03-18_8399_wA question I received: You have said that we should disseminate Kabbalah at every opportunity. Yet you’ve also mentioned that it is necessary to be careful not to use the name of Kabbalah and its terminology if there is a danger that this will repel someone (which is basically most of the time, as my experience shows). You advise us to use our corporeal capabilities and understanding of the subject using the tools of our occupations to try to explain the reason for what is happening in the world to others. You have often said that it is compulsory for everyone wanting to progress to disseminate, but is it acceptable to disseminate Kabbalah without mentioning the name Kabbalah?

My Answer: Why is it so important to mention the name of the method? What difference would it make if a person applied Newton’s law without knowing who discovered it? We are talking about the first stages of explaining Nature’s laws to people, in a way that will address their needs, without putting obstacles before them. We have to account for people’s prejudice, preconceptions about Kabbalah, Anti-Semitism, the special status of Israel and all the other factors. All of this is purposefully put forth as an obstacle for us, and we will be able to overcome it gradually, to the extent that people will recognize the need for global unification.

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All the Light Is Already Inside Us

the-kabbalistic-meaning-of-the-star-of-david-and-why-we-should-respect-sports-stadiumsA question I received: If everything a person feels exists only inside his Kli, then there must be an external factor: Direct Light. After all, if this is purely an inner sensation, it is logical to assume that it already exists inside man, only it is hidden from him.

This is like a child who hasn’t learned to walk yet because he still hasn’t found the technique to make this action. In the same way, all the Light already exists in man, like the great potential of our brain that we haven’t discovered yet, but we don’t know how to use any of it, except a few percent. If this is true, then this duality will fade, and the only thing that will remain is man and his environment.

My Answer: I agree with you!

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