All the Light Is Already Inside Us

the-kabbalistic-meaning-of-the-star-of-david-and-why-we-should-respect-sports-stadiumsA question I received: If everything a person feels exists only inside his Kli, then there must be an external factor: Direct Light. After all, if this is purely an inner sensation, it is logical to assume that it already exists inside man, only it is hidden from him.

This is like a child who hasn’t learned to walk yet because he still hasn’t found the technique to make this action. In the same way, all the Light already exists in man, like the great potential of our brain that we haven’t discovered yet, but we don’t know how to use any of it, except a few percent. If this is true, then this duality will fade, and the only thing that will remain is man and his environment.

My Answer: I agree with you!

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