The Stimulus Plans Are Like Injections Into A Wooden Leg

stateIt seems to us that the current crisis has a lot to do with corporeal problems like money, food and jobs. However, the true reason for these problems is the lack of connection between us. This is the only thing we lack. By correcting this problem, we can come out of the crisis and reveal abundance.

However, instead the American President Obama, the Russian President Putin, and other leaders are increasing the world’s supply of money. They think that by providing more money, they will stimulate a new rise in the economy and thus revive the whole system. They are trying to use outdated methods: to stimulate production and trade through monetary injections. This method is like injecting a shot into a wooden leg: It is impossible to revive something that is already dead.

Things will begin to work only when a connection between people is established. After all, there is no shortage of money in the world. Or did something happen to all the money we had before? Why should President Obama have to take cash assets from government reserves? They threw out a trillion dollars – and where is that money now? It vanished, just like water seeps through sand. Yet, this money has to be somewhere. Where did this whole mass of money go, and why didn’t it work to solve our problems? It is because the real problem is the lack of a connection within the system, so the system is therefore not able to function properly.

Therefore, no additional injections will work either. What we have to do is build the correct relationship between us. This is the only way we can overcome the crisis.

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