Our Growing Egoism Is The Cause of All Our Sorrows

uniteTwo questions I received about increased acts of violence:

Question: I am curious about the increase in violence against women. There seems to be a huge lack of respect, understanding or appreciation for women today compared to just a few years ago. Routine attacks and killing have become almost commonplace in the news, so much so that parts of the world turn a blind eye to these atrocities. Is there a spiritual connection behind this phenomena, and if so, what can be done about it?

My Answer: This, and  other manifestations of violence, are caused by people’s growing egoism. Hence, the correction of egoism is humanity’s only task.

Question: I read a story recently about yet another mass slaying that took place, this time in Germany.  A teenage gunman shot at least 15 people before police had to shoot him. Why is this happening with such increased frequency? Is there a spiritual explanation?

My Answer: The cause of this is, again, people’s egoism, which is growing exponentially.

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