What Will It Take To Make The Simplest Person Realize That We’re All Interdependent?

threatMany scientists and philosophers, from Vernadsky, Kant and Hegel to modern-day philosophers, describe the world as one unified, closed system that’s completely interdependent on all levels. They explain that man cannot exit outside the laws of Nature, but always remains within them.

Today we too can see that Nature is completely integral. But how can this be revealed to and understood by the simplest person out there, who knows only his work place and his route to work and back home? It will become clear to him when he walks into the local grocery store and the salesperson will tell him, “We’re out of bread!”

Why are they out of bread? Because one supplier didn’t deliver flour, another – oil, another – water, and another yet – electricity. To make a long story short, they’re out of bread! So what am I to do? Go and reach an agreement with everybody – then you’ll have bread.

That person will then have to run around and negotiate with everybody, and thus he will learn that he is dependent on the entire world. This is the situation we are coming to. If we don’t repair the connection between us, we won’t have anything but empty shelves. And this great suffering will make us discover our dependency on everyone.

Some people think they’ll be able to run away. They think, “I’m going to buy myself a lot of land, plant some potatoes and tomatoes, and that will be enough for me. The rest of you can go to hell for all I care! I’ll be fine on my own.” But this is impossible! Life today is arranged in a way that won’t let anyone run away. This is why Baal HaSulam says that if we take measures toward separation, this will lead to Nazi regimes. After all, we will still be united, but from the opposite end: reception rather than bestowal.

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