People Want Answers About The World’s Situation

combatIn the News (from AFP):Asian summit canceled after protesters storm venue” Thai protesters smashed their way into a major Asian summit Saturday, forcing the country’s embattled prime minister to cancel the meeting and evacuate foreign leaders by helicopter. Premier Abhisit Vejjajiva declared a state of emergency in the beach resort of Pattaya after thousands of demonstrators stormed the summit.

My Comment: This is how all the world leaders will soon feel, because the furious, hungry masses will not only demand “bread and entertainment,” but also answers about the world’s situation. This is what they’ll want as they become more united.

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Kabbalah Dissemination Is Not Missionary Work

You Are Welcome to Help YourselfA question I received: I just looked at this course because I was going to suggest it to a friend who lives near Raanana. Then I was surprised to see that there is a charge of about $100 for 10 classes. One of the things I’ve been told that indicates authentic Kabbalah is that it should be offered free of charge. Granted, it’s the same cost as my synagogue charges me to take an adult education course, but doesn’t this compromise the idea of disseminating freely, especially in these times of financial hardship?

My Answer: Someone has to pay the rent and maintenance, or would you like someone else to pay them for you? The materials of the “Campus Kabbalah” are available free of charge on our website. When we give public lectures on our own premises, we offer them for free, even though we still have to cover the expenses.

Kabbalah favors the dissemination of knowledge about the world, but it is not missionary work at the expense of others.

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Leaders Are Enslaved To The Public

analysis-of-the-crisis2In the News (translated from Tyrants” The government leaders do not control their countries however they wish, but are obliged to consider the needs of the society. A leader has to adjust his actions to real life.

My Comment: Everyone understands this. And it is exactly why we need a broad public education system. Everyone without exception must be educated about the new laws of Nature, which are now being revealed in society. To the degree the public will be enlightened, the leaders will be able to make more efficient reforms.

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Today, Religion Is Being Replaced By Kabbalah

textsTwo questions I received about religion:

Question (in response to the post, Why Religion Is Against Kabbalah): This is exactly why I left Christianity! I strongly disliked how belonging to one religion automatically excludes others. I’m so happy to have found Kabbalah! I didn’t know there was something out there that emphasized unity. But what about Judaism? Judaism does not try to convert people of other faiths and does not seem to “hate” the other religions.

My Answer: Kabbalah is the method of correcting man, making him similar to the Creator by obtaining the quality of bestowal and love. This has absolutely no relation to any religion. It is for everyone and does not entail any obligations, restrictions, observance of religious rituals, and so on.

Question: In some spiritual writings, religion is described in a positive way. In others, religion is not recommended as a path to enlightenment. Is religion better for some people than others? Is religion good or bad?

My Answer: Religion is useful only during the period of the Creator’s concealment. But even then, it is only good for confining people’s egoism. In our generation, religion is being replaced by Kabbalah, and will remain only as a social, cultural framework.

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All The Miracles Are Created By Our Desires

bio1A question I received: I am an orthodox priest and I have been interested in Kabbalah as taught by your Ashlag Research Institute for about six years. My question is: do the inexplicable phenomena of nature have spiritual roots? I have been a witness of a miraculous weeping icon. This happened to me three weeks ago in church while I was performing service at the altar. The streaks and drops of myrrh still haven’t dried, and still exude a very strong fragrance. I’m ok – there’s no need to call an ambulance. Besides, I wasn’t the only one to witness this phenomenon.

My Answer: All the “inexplicable” phenomena of nature can be explained quite simply: a person’s desires can make miracles a reality. If you really wish for something, anything can happen. The same is true for our inner expectation of miracles – especially in religious practices, even though we may not be fully aware of this expectation.

When we study perception in Kabbalah, we learn that the picture of the world is depicted inside us and by us. It is entirely determined by our desires. So, nothing is impossible. If a person thinks about something or desires something, it means there is a place for this thing in the world and it is possible in some form. Otherwise this desire or thought would never have emerged in him. However, the most important thing is to desire that which is good!

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“Love Your Neighbor” Is the Condition Nature Has Set for Us

aboutA question I received: There are people, groups, and organizations that see themselves as one whole and close to nature. They say they love each other, plants and animals. Is this “love your neighbor?”

My Answer: “Love your neighbor” is a law of Nature, a condition in the world around us. This condition is suddenly being revealed to us now because we have grown into it, similar to a child that grows up to be an adult and suddenly has to abide by the laws of the society.

Imagine that all the media channels suddenly announced that everyone has to follow the law of “love your neighbor” by the end of the year, and anyone that won’t be able to do this will be executed. This is not funny at all – this is the condition Nature has set for us. However, we are unable to see it.

So, what are we going to do? We have to learn how to attain “love for your neighbor.” We must find out what this law means, what Nature wants from us. We cannot avoid this law – we must learn it. But how?

Through studying. This is the only means that will enable people to understand that there is no place to run and the only solution is to be corrected by a special force of Nature. This special force influences a person who desires to be corrected, to attain the degree of “love your neighbor.”

It is like a wave or frequency among billions of frequencies, and you will perceive it only if you desire it. Nature requires you to tune in to the frequency where you will feel that the only thing you want is to love your neighbor! Then this force of Nature will come and correct you.

All other attempts will lead us to a crisis, in order for us to find this path to the goal. Other directions are gradually dwindling all around us. This is called the “Egyptian plagues,” and they will eventually make us see that there is no other choice. When we find ourselves in total darkness, we will be willing and eager to run away and attain just one thing – “love your neighbor.” Where did the people run to from Egypt? Only to love, as evidenced by the unity that later took place by Mount Sinai.

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