By Learning About Nature’s Global System, We Will Correct Our Intentions

where-to-send-logistical-questionsWe have no choice but to begin studying the global system. Just the act of studying will improve our intentions: We will reveal the right intention, which means that we will wish to bring the world to the kind of relationships that nature deems necessary.

As soon as we begin to do this, we will come closer to nature and will cease being opposite to it. We will have a good relationship with nature because we will become similar to it through our qualities.

We will be like an obedient child, who no longer wants to break everything around him and be punished by his mother. Even though he still isn’t corrected inside, he is already trying to understand what is required of him and what he has to do in order to avoid being punished. He is already being treated differently, and as a reward he receives a candy.

The same will immediately happen to us. But how can we start? We can start simply by studying. We have to give people this knowledge through the TV, the Internet, newspapers, and all other media. We have to explain to them what Baal HaSulam is saying.
(From the lesson on Baal HaSulam’s article, “One Precept,” on 03.05.2009)

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How Can You Love Others?

building-the-third-templeQuestions I received about loving one’s neighbor:

Question: You say that it is possible to love others as you love yourself. I want this very much. Please tell me, is there someone who could pray for his friend with all his heart, so that the friend would love his friend as a mother loves her son?

My Answer: This has to be your own prayer, because your request – provided it is complete – will surely evoke the Upper Light, which will correct you and give you this quality.

Question: We know how to “love” for the purpose of receiving love in return. But what is it to “love your neighbor as yourself?” How is this love different from the egoistic “love?” We do not know this “Supreme Love.” How are we supposed to implement it in our daily life?

My Answer: The study of Kabbalah involves all the actions that attract the next, more advanced state (these actions include the studies, unification in the group, and dissemination). Otherwise we are pushed toward the same state by suffering. Our task is to aspire to this state before the suffering will push us from behind and make us aspire toward the next level just to avoid the suffering.

So, only the force that attracts us to the next state, called the Upper Light (Ohr Makif), is able to “explain” to us what is “genuine love” – love for someone other than yourself.

Question: What if my neighbor is not nice to me, and is mean? How do I rise above this and love my neighbor?

My Answer: You will do this for the sake of the Creator if He is more important to you than yourself. And this importance of the Creator has to come to you from your environment.

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The World Will Never Be The Same

priestAs a result of the crisis, we are beginning to feel that “our prior life is dying” and we are entering a new world. We are revealing a new type of governance, called globalization or integration, where all people are interconnected and interdependent.

Everything is governed by this integral force that connects us with each other. I may not want to depend on China or America or Russia, or on anyone else, but I am told, “It doesn’t matter what you want or don’t want, because everyone is connected with each other! They just don’t know how to find the correct form of connecting, which will satisfy everyone.”

We now see that a lack of knowledge about how to connect brings us disasters. But what can we do about it? No one knows. However, the world will soon realize that there is no way out.

In the past we developed under the influence of our growing egoism, and we understood our world. Even when we felt bad, we understood it. However, today we have to develop differently: under our own influence, in spite of our egoism. Yet we still don’t know how to do this.

Perhaps things will lighten up for a week or even longer, and then people will begin thinking that the crisis has already been resolved. But this is similar to the Egyptian plagues, where the conditions get better only to get worse. We are being thrown back and forth in order to destroy our entire logical foundation, to confuse us completely.

This is exactly what is happening now. Moreover, the blows will become more qualitative. This will lead to even more confusion and humanity will feel more frightened and insecure, while having no understanding of what is going on. And all of this is happening in order to help us realize that we have to find a new approach to ourselves, Nature and the world.

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Advice For Those Searching For The True Path

the-only-books-that-can-help-correct-egoism-in-our-generation-are-baal-hasulamsTwo questions I received about studying other spiritual writings while also studying Kabbalah:

Question: In your book Leben aus der Kabbalah (in German), you write, “One should not read other authors who write about Kabbalah, because they can influence the reader.” This statement scares me. I’ve had a craving for spirituality and for knowledge ever since I was a child. However, my soul also wishes to compare different methods and to search for the only real truth behind all the wonderful sources. For example, Buddhism also says that life must be used for spiritual development. So who is right?

My Answer: Rabash and Baal HaSulam write in their articles about the group and freedom of will that when a person is brought to Kabbalah, he should doubt and check everything. However, once he has made his choice – for example, if he chooses Kabbalah, he should then enter the study of Kabbalah completely and avoid confusing it with other methods, as otherwise he will not succeed in anything.

Question: I have read the Old Testament with Gnostic knowledge, as well as Dhammapada, Buddha’s quotations, and the Bhagavad Gita. They all talk about a single, unique God and the soul. I have also read the Upanishads. I don’t associate myself with any religion. Does this contradict Kabbalah?

My Answer: Only you can figure out everything for yourself, including whether you need a teacher, and if so – who that teacher should be. When I asked my Teacher about how could I be sure that I was in the right place for me, he said, “Search, check, and choose quickly, and then delve only into what you choose.”

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Do Children Learn From Parents’ Advice, Or Their Own Mistakes?

adviceIn the News (from ScienceDaily):New View Of The Way Young Children Think” The researchers found that children neither plan for the future nor live completely in the present. Instead, they call up the past as they need it. The good news is what we’re saying to our kids doesn’t go in one ear and out the other, like people might have thought. It also doesn’t go in and then get put into action like it does with adults. But rather it goes in and gets stored away for later.

My Comment: A person learns only from his own mistakes. He won’t make the same mistakes now that he made in the past, but he will always be wrong about the future. It is written, “There is no righteous man in the world who has not sinned prior to performing a righteous deed.”

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The Horn Of The Messiah Is A Call For Unity

international-kabbalah-congress70x70_previewA question I received: When people suffer, they unite. Now that the entire world is suffering, there’s a chance for unity, but won’t this unity dissipate the moment the situation improves?

My Answer: People aren’t uniting because of hunger. Rather, the system we live in is being revealed as a network that lacks the right interconnection. This is why the unity will not take place on the level of the banks, the economy or human relationships. This crisis will drive everyone into a dead-end, and the situation will improve only when people connect with each other. The recognition of evil will continue to grow, and accordingly, people will correct themselves more and more.

Today, the whole world is beginning to work for the Creator. The whole world – which comprises one soul – must ascend up the spiritual degrees all the way to the World of Infinity. In the past, only a small group of people wet through this path of ascent to the World of Infinity, but today, the whole world must go through it.

This is called, “the coming of the Messiah,” and the dissemination of the wisdom of Kabbalah to the whole world is called, “the horn of the Messiah.” There is a law that states: the general and the particular are equal. Therefore, the whole world will undergo all the same processes as the group.

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