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the-only-books-that-can-help-correct-egoism-in-our-generation-are-baal-hasulamsTwo questions I received about studying other spiritual writings while also studying Kabbalah:

Question: In your book Leben aus der Kabbalah (in German), you write, “One should not read other authors who write about Kabbalah, because they can influence the reader.” This statement scares me. I’ve had a craving for spirituality and for knowledge ever since I was a child. However, my soul also wishes to compare different methods and to search for the only real truth behind all the wonderful sources. For example, Buddhism also says that life must be used for spiritual development. So who is right?

My Answer: Rabash and Baal HaSulam write in their articles about the group and freedom of will that when a person is brought to Kabbalah, he should doubt and check everything. However, once he has made his choice – for example, if he chooses Kabbalah, he should then enter the study of Kabbalah completely and avoid confusing it with other methods, as otherwise he will not succeed in anything.

Question: I have read the Old Testament with Gnostic knowledge, as well as Dhammapada, Buddha’s quotations, and the Bhagavad Gita. They all talk about a single, unique God and the soul. I have also read the Upanishads. I don’t associate myself with any religion. Does this contradict Kabbalah?

My Answer: Only you can figure out everything for yourself, including whether you need a teacher, and if so – who that teacher should be. When I asked my Teacher about how could I be sure that I was in the right place for me, he said, “Search, check, and choose quickly, and then delve only into what you choose.”

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