Authentic Kabbalah Does Not Try To Sell Anything

machsomQuestions I received on the names of God, clairvoyants, “Jewish healing,” and Islam:

Question: If the names of God are His qualities, then does the phrase, “His names are upon one person” mean that God bestows His qualities upon that person?

My Answer: If people call you an elephant, does that make you one?

Question: Are there any genuine mediums or clairvoyants? If so, how do they attain the Upper Worlds without the study of Kabbalah?

My Answer: Yes, there are mediums and clairvoyants. But their abilities are confined to the forces of our world and our egoistic subconscious. These people do not attain the Upper World, which is the quality of bestowal, and they do not have a perception of the Upper Force.

Question: Thank you for making authentic Kabbalah accessible. I find your comments on medicine very interesting. I practice a vital, holistic model and I have always had the conviction that everyone is entitled to benefit from it regardless of their ability to pay. I have found one website that claims to teach people to use Kabbalistic wisdom, including contact with the Tzaddikim, to guide decision making. It is connected to “Jewish Healing.” Since they are selling lectures and other such things on the subject, I wanted to consult you as “neutral” source. Do you see this as true Kabbalah?

My Answer: I don’t think it’s Kabbalah because they sell these things. However, it can be a healing practice similar to other methods.

Question: Is it true that Islam’s goal is to dominate the world?

My Answer: Yes, this is a generally known fact.

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Each Of Us Can Change The World With Our Thoughts

where-do-our-thoughts-ideas-and-dreams-come-fromA question I received: You are saying that if we don’t reach correction, there will be a famine. This is clear on the global level. However, what can a regular person do? What can he implement in practice, if he lacks any special opportunities to influence the world?

My Answer: Most of all, he affects the world with his thoughts, since “everything is clarified in the thought.” Our connection does not happen though the electric wires of the Internet, the sound waves of our voices, the picture on the computer screen or even in live contact. The entire connection between us takes place in our desires.

The Creator did not create anything besides the desire. We perceive different levels of the development of the desire as the matter of this world – the inanimate, vegetative, and animate matter, in the form of gases, liquids, solids, and plasma. But all of this is only in our imagination. We imagine that we exist in time, motion, and space.

However, these things are not real – it is only the way reality is depicted in our uncorrected qualities. However, beyond the visible picture of reality, the operating force is the desire. Therefore, every person, no matter how far he is from others, exists in this system and influences everyone in it through his desire.

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Today The Whole World Is Like A Child That Needs Education

drugsA question I received: What advice can we give the world today to make sure people won’t think the crisis is over just because trillions were poured into the economy and there is a “breather” in the crisis?

My Answer: We can only give them one piece of advice: educate the world and disseminate the knowledge about the state of the world. It is just like teaching a child to understand what kind of world he is living in, instead of leaving him to reach this realization by receiving blows of fate. If left to realize it on his own, he will need 5 to 10 thousand years, which humanity has gone through in order to build this world, and he will be forced to pay for this knowledge with his own blood!

We educate a child during his first 15-20 years of life in this world, so he will understand this world and be ready to live in it. In much the same way, today we have to teach all of humanity about the new global world and our complete interconnectedness. Then, in just a short period of time, each person will understand what the new world is all about and will be able to behave in it correctly. Otherwise, people will have to learn the same thing though suffering.

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Don’t Be Fooled By The Rise Of The Markets

laitman_2009-03_8080Two questions I received about the future state of the economy:

Question: How do you base your claim that we are living in a new world? So there’s a crisis, but the economists are saying that we’ll begin gradually coming out of it as early as a year from now.

My Answer: If they had such great insight into the future, then we wouldn’t be in today’s terrible predicament. Everyone is “smart” when looking back at the past. When the situation hits rock bottom, everyone starts offering their observations and analysis. So why didn’t they warn us about the danger ahead of time, so we could have corrected everything in time?

The same people who got us into this mess are now telling us that prosperity is only a few years away. But the fact is, no one knows what life will be like in a few years. Even now, during the crisis, they’re still concocting all kinds of new ways to profit from it. With all the market fluctuations, they’re outright lying to us. They’re using these falls and bankruptcies to continue making money.

Where did the current market ascent suddenly come from? Why in the world is the market rising? They’re simply blowing up the bubble even more. There’s no solution to this. We are simply revealing that we now exist in a new system of laws.

Question: Isn’t this how the economy works, by ascending and descending?

My Answer: The economy does not work this way. The economy is not a science, but a reflection of the connection between us. It will be whatever we make it. Right now it is built on our egoism, though we still don’t understand this. We simply make contracts and have all sorts of relationships that make sure everyone will profit, succeed, steal and exploit others. And the fact that someone has thought of a new game is no reason to claim that the crisis is over and everything’s back to normal.

Half a year to a year from now, we will see that the current calmness, quiet and even ascent, which the economists are bringing about, is just a more sophisticated way to keep stealing money.

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US National Academy Of Sciences Predicts The Darkness Plague

in-the-news-the-biggest-physics-experiment-to-date-a-black-hole-and-the-end-of-the-worldIn the News (from The Guardian):Solar storm could cause planetary disaster at any time, warn scientists” Such a storm today would lead to ‘planetary disaster.’ The NAS study released this January outlined the devastating impact it would have. For instance it could leave half of the US without power within 90 seconds, without coal after 30 days and would take the country a decade to recover. This would have a knock out effect on many of the systems that support our lives, including water and sewage treatment, storage of medicines requiring refrigeration, supermarket deliveries, power station controls and financial markets.

My Comment: This sounds similar to the next Egyptian plague, doesn’t it? Water turning to blood, frogs, vermin, beasts, diseased livestock, boils, thunder and hail, locusts, a strange darkness, and death of the firstborn. But do we really have to go through this in order to verify that we are living in “darkness?”

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What Is The Covenant With The Creator?

g2021A question I received: What does the “breaking of the covenant,” which is considered a great sin in religion, mean from the point of view of Kabbalah?

My Answer: The covenant is when one attains adhesion with the Creator through equivalence of form with Him. Equivalence of form is attained by correcting one’s absolutely egoistic nature to its opposite: bestowal and love, the Creator’s nature. If a person reaches this state, he has to guard it. But let’s get there first.

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