Today The Whole World Is Like A Child That Needs Education

drugsA question I received: What advice can we give the world today to make sure people won’t think the crisis is over just because trillions were poured into the economy and there is a “breather” in the crisis?

My Answer: We can only give them one piece of advice: educate the world and disseminate the knowledge about the state of the world. It is just like teaching a child to understand what kind of world he is living in, instead of leaving him to reach this realization by receiving blows of fate. If left to realize it on his own, he will need 5 to 10 thousand years, which humanity has gone through in order to build this world, and he will be forced to pay for this knowledge with his own blood!

We educate a child during his first 15-20 years of life in this world, so he will understand this world and be ready to live in it. In much the same way, today we have to teach all of humanity about the new global world and our complete interconnectedness. Then, in just a short period of time, each person will understand what the new world is all about and will be able to behave in it correctly. Otherwise, people will have to learn the same thing though suffering.

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