Each Of Us Can Change The World With Our Thoughts

where-do-our-thoughts-ideas-and-dreams-come-fromA question I received: You are saying that if we don’t reach correction, there will be a famine. This is clear on the global level. However, what can a regular person do? What can he implement in practice, if he lacks any special opportunities to influence the world?

My Answer: Most of all, he affects the world with his thoughts, since “everything is clarified in the thought.” Our connection does not happen though the electric wires of the Internet, the sound waves of our voices, the picture on the computer screen or even in live contact. The entire connection between us takes place in our desires.

The Creator did not create anything besides the desire. We perceive different levels of the development of the desire as the matter of this world – the inanimate, vegetative, and animate matter, in the form of gases, liquids, solids, and plasma. But all of this is only in our imagination. We imagine that we exist in time, motion, and space.

However, these things are not real – it is only the way reality is depicted in our uncorrected qualities. However, beyond the visible picture of reality, the operating force is the desire. Therefore, every person, no matter how far he is from others, exists in this system and influences everyone in it through his desire.

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