The Crisis Comes From Our Disparity To Nature

meA question I received: Why exactly should the current crisis make masses of people to recognize that the ego is evil? Why didn’t this happen through the previous shocks that humanity has gone through?

My Answer: The previous crises did not affect such a large mass of people. And the only way you can influence a large group of people is by threatening them with loss of money or health. This is the most important thing to them. Money is the same as food, and food and health is the minimum that a person needs to support his animate existence.

We all are egoists and are separated from each other. However, a new form of connection between us is now coming into our lives. It is called Adam – our corrected state, and it is dawning on us from above.

It manifested even earlier, in the form of a crisis in the areas of culture and education. But today it has already grown into a crisis of the food supply, although it still hasn’t affected people’s health. Thus, it is affecting the most essential needs of every person. But the fact is, what we perceive as the crisis is actually the abyss between our current state and our corrected state. This abyss is what we have to overcome.

It won’t help to hide in a bunker. The net is coming down over us, getting closer and closer. So what can we do? We have to bring ourselves in alignment with that net of forces, the connections between us. And if we don’t, then we will be influenced by negative forces that will make us do it. The only way out is to become equivalent to Nature.

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Leaders Should Stop Throwing Money At The Economy

outlaws1In the News (from The Times): The Governor of the Bank of England Mervyn King warns Gordon Brown to stop spending.

My Comment: This is correct! Money should be saved for food and a global re-education. This is what the people really need, and what will enable them to come out of the crisis – to come out of egoism.

In the News (from Yahoo):EU presidency: US stimulus is ‘the road to hell’” The head of the European Union slammed President Barack Obama’s plan to spend nearly $2 trillion to push the U.S. economy out of recession as “the road to hell” that EU governments must avoid.

My Comment: And the same goes for all the other proposals too! They are all based on outdated, egotistical social and economic models.

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Another Sad Result Of Another G-20 Summit

laitman_2009-03_7958In the News (from The Guardian):Gordon Brown brokers massive financial aid deal for global economy” World leaders yesterday agreed on a $1.1 trillion injection of financial aid into the global economy. Brown has claimed: “This is the day that the world came together, to fight back against the global recession.” He insisted the deal would save jobs in Britain. The $1.1tn will allow the IMF, the World Bank and others to increase lending to vulnerable countries. There will be a tenfold increase to $250bn in the IMF’s facility allowing members to borrow from other countries’ foreign currency reserves.

My Comment: None of these measures will help. Eventually we will tumble down into another crisis, with only a brief respite in between, like with the Egyptian plagues.

All of this is happening with the sole purpose of helping us recognize that our egoistic nature is evil. Once we recognize this, we will want to get rid of the evil, much like a cancer patient who desires to rid himself of the illness that is spreading throughout his body, yet it cannot be detected or removed.

Precisely this desperate desire enables a person to rid himself of the evil. This is the true exit from Egypt. It is an exit into the world of Light – the revelation of the Upper World and the Upper Force. But how many more summits will it take until we get there?

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Economists And Politicians Will Soon Realize That We Need A Global Governing Body

does-charity-really-help-anyoneIn the News (from The Brookings Institute):U.S.-Russian leadership for global, financial and energy security” Andrey Vavilov, Chairman of Institute for Financial Studies in Russia said, “The countries’ consumers of energy resources right now, also, go ahead with their actions, which are not good for the cooperation between them and the countries who produce energy… And unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, the most prosperous way of action doesn’t deal with the actions of one country only. It can be efficient only in the framework of the global cooperation.”

My Comment: With each passing day, the economists, politicians and analysts will become more enlightened. The solution is clear: we need a single, universal governing body. And this is something that can be accomplished by politicians and economists.

However, they will not know by which criteria they should govern unless they learn the structure of the new world, as explained by the science of Kabbalah.

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The Reality We Feel Is Like A Dream

the-cycle-of-ascents-and-descentsA question I received: What do you mean when you say that animals, plants, and matter (as a substance) don’t exist? Only the human being exists? The attainment of the Creator occurs only through the human souls? I understand that everything we feel here is an “imprint” of reality – the trees, the starlit sky, the tall mountains, and landscapes. So is all of this only present in our imagination?

My Answer: The only thing that was created is the desire. It contains a feeling that’s separated by egoism into “me” and “what surrounds me.” By correcting the egoism, the feeling merges into one whole “me” and the feeling of my source, the additional sensation of the Creator.

Everything you perceive on the outside is perceived inside your consciousness. This is, in fact, the “reality.” Everything is present only in one’s consciousness, like in a dream. Our inability to objectively compare feelings, due to having only a perception of “our world,” constrains us. But very soon, humanity will begin to “awaken” from its slumber and people will find other possible existences.

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Brown’s Appeal To Bankers’ Conscience Will Go Unheard

wordsIn the News (from A portion of the speech delivered by British Prime Minister Gordon Brown at St Paul’s Cathedral on March 31 2009: “Most people who have worked hard to build up their firm or shop understand responsible risk taking but don’t understand why any company would give rewards for failure or how some people have grown fabulously wealthy making failed bets with other people’s money. And our task today is to bring our financial markets into closer alignment with the values held by families and business-people across the country.”

My Comment: The bankers will not understand these words. Here’s why.

Our egoism undergoes gradual development, from bodily desires (food, sex, and home) to social desires, which develop under societal influence (wealth, power, fame, knowledge). Some people have one desire that prevails over all the other desires, and such a person cannot understand the other desires. For example, someone who is on the level of “wealth” cannot be attracted by the higher desires like power, fame, or knowledge. And this is how bankers are.

Politicians, on the other hand, are bit higher. They have desires for “power” and “fame,” and are willing to buy these things for money, whereas bankers are willing to give up anything for more money. Therefore, Brown’s appeal to them simply won’t be heard.

What should we do instead? Provide an education using the society’s influence. This will accelerate people’s development, since society affects the social desires by considering them more or less important.

The practical steps we need to take are to teach the public about the new global world using all the media channels. People must learn the concept of global interdependency, where every person  depends on every other. This is a law of Nature, and we must begin to apply it to ourselves. We cannot avoid implementing this Law, and by implementing it, we will benefit in all aspects of life.

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Today You Can Meet Many “Kabbalists” On Every Corner

highQuestions I received about the Vedas, theosophy, other Kabbalists and autism:

Question: I find your lectures and books very interesting. I do not want to compare Kabbalah in any way to other “teachings,” but can you tell me what your thoughts are on the “Vedas,” which are teachings from India? My interest is to understand what your opinion is on other teachings that may have similar views, however different the “Kabbalah” approach may be.

My Answer: These teachings are psychological and act within the boundaries of our world.

Question: Are there any contacts between spiritually advanced representatives of Kabbalah and spiritually advanced representatives of Theosophy?

My Answer: No!

Question: Whenever Kabbalah is mentioned on TV, the name of a certain contemporary Kabbalist, Rafael, is mentioned more frequently than your name. This Rafael explains that Kabbalah says that the Messiah will come to the world soon, which is completely contrary to what you say. Can you please comment?

My Answer: I am not acquainted with him. I just know that today there are many “Kabbalists” on every corner…

Question: I recently had the privilege of attending a young severely autistic boy called David’s Bar Mitzvah, where he sang all seven Torah readings in perfect pitch and tone. You could have heard a pin drop; it was amazing. His mother said to me after that David says the words sing to him. What does Kabbalah say about the Hebrew letters in the sense of the letters singing to a boy and what does it say about severely disabled children?

My Answer: Autistic people are unable to make corrections. It is a special life cycle of a soul in our world. Our task is to help them; this will correct both us and them.

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Our Living Depends On Our Attitudes

there-are-no-creatures-on-other-planetsA question I received: What does it mean to have a “good attitude to others”? A regular person gets up in the morning, goes to work and has only a few hours left for his family. He says, “I work, I am a law-abiding citizen, I’m good to my family, and I have a good attitude to others.” Is this enough?

My Answer: There must be a feeling of community that helps us to achieve something higher. To begin with, a person should understand that he can earn a living only under the condition that he is honest inside. This is not simple; it has to be learned.

We may soon reach a situation where we will have nothing to eat and people will understand that the availability of food doesn’t depend on the harvest, but on their attitude alone.

We may reach a situation where we will be nourishing the soil with everything it needs, but our attitude towards the people we do this for will be wrong, and therefore we won’t receive anything from the soil – not one kernel, not one tomato, nothing.

We can make a movie about this. A person plants a field of tomatoes, but regardless of his efforts, nothing grows there except weeds, until he changes his attitude. It is because we need to correct our nature, and not on the animate, vegetative or still levels, but on the human level. There is nothing amazing about what I’m saying; it is all rational. The fact is that people are influencing Nature negatively on all the levels beneath them.

We will reach a situation where people will feel that if you don’t have the right intention, nothing will happen, but as soon as you form the right intention, you receive a blessing. It is called “revelation,” but it occurs through a path of such suffering. That’s a tough way to be educated! Through different systems, Nature will force us sit and learn how to create the correct intention and attitude. Through huge suffering, troubles, illnesses and chaos, we will learn that we only need to learn how to create the right intention.
From the lesson on Baal HaSulam’s article, “One Precept,” on 03.05.2009)

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