Brown’s Appeal To Bankers’ Conscience Will Go Unheard

wordsIn the News (from A portion of the speech delivered by British Prime Minister Gordon Brown at St Paul’s Cathedral on March 31 2009: “Most people who have worked hard to build up their firm or shop understand responsible risk taking but don’t understand why any company would give rewards for failure or how some people have grown fabulously wealthy making failed bets with other people’s money. And our task today is to bring our financial markets into closer alignment with the values held by families and business-people across the country.”

My Comment: The bankers will not understand these words. Here’s why.

Our egoism undergoes gradual development, from bodily desires (food, sex, and home) to social desires, which develop under societal influence (wealth, power, fame, knowledge). Some people have one desire that prevails over all the other desires, and such a person cannot understand the other desires. For example, someone who is on the level of “wealth” cannot be attracted by the higher desires like power, fame, or knowledge. And this is how bankers are.

Politicians, on the other hand, are bit higher. They have desires for “power” and “fame,” and are willing to buy these things for money, whereas bankers are willing to give up anything for more money. Therefore, Brown’s appeal to them simply won’t be heard.

What should we do instead? Provide an education using the society’s influence. This will accelerate people’s development, since society affects the social desires by considering them more or less important.

The practical steps we need to take are to teach the public about the new global world using all the media channels. People must learn the concept of global interdependency, where every person  depends on every other. This is a law of Nature, and we must begin to apply it to ourselves. We cannot avoid implementing this Law, and by implementing it, we will benefit in all aspects of life.

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