The Reality We Feel Is Like A Dream

the-cycle-of-ascents-and-descentsA question I received: What do you mean when you say that animals, plants, and matter (as a substance) don’t exist? Only the human being exists? The attainment of the Creator occurs only through the human souls? I understand that everything we feel here is an “imprint” of reality – the trees, the starlit sky, the tall mountains, and landscapes. So is all of this only present in our imagination?

My Answer: The only thing that was created is the desire. It contains a feeling that’s separated by egoism into “me” and “what surrounds me.” By correcting the egoism, the feeling merges into one whole “me” and the feeling of my source, the additional sensation of the Creator.

Everything you perceive on the outside is perceived inside your consciousness. This is, in fact, the “reality.” Everything is present only in one’s consciousness, like in a dream. Our inability to objectively compare feelings, due to having only a perception of “our world,” constrains us. But very soon, humanity will begin to “awaken” from its slumber and people will find other possible existences.

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