The Right Upbringing Creates The “Glue” Between Us

laitman_41A question I received: You said it is up to us to inform people of the Kabbalistic method, the laws of development and the solution to the crisis, because then G-20 leaders, including the American President, Barack Obama, and the Russian President, Dmitry Medvedev, may finally see that there is no solution to the crisis except following the laws of Nature and explaining these laws to people. You talked beautifully about these issues with the Russian economist M. Khazin, but you did not say anything specific. Everything discussed was general, with the exception of your advice that we must focus on upbringing. However, you didn’t say anything specific or direct regarding what needs to be done to change the situation today, tomorrow, and in the future.

A brief retrospective: The planet’s resources have been depleted. There is not enough drinking water, there is global warming, bad ecology, deterioration of our health due to a wide use of hazardous toxic products, overpopulation on the planet, and we only have enough energy resources to provide for the earth’s population for just 29 more years. People have no time to adjust to the changes that are occurring at breakneck speed. Conflicts are now unavoidable.

My Answer: By “upbringing” I mean creating the “glue” between people, which will allow them to reach harmony with Nature. This will, in turn, make us successful and will regenerate new life.

Additional Comment: I have repeatedly stated that as soon as we begin to act in the proper direction, Nature will immediately react to our changes by treating us positively on all levels of our existence. We don’t have to wait until we will completely reeducate ourselves and others to start thinking globally. Let’s just begin, and we will soon find ourselves in Nature’s favorable surroundings, because we’ll no longer be in conflict with it.

(In the photo above, taken in Alaska in1994, I am on one of the planet’s disappearing ancient glaciers.)

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A Teleconference between the Kabbalist M. Laitman and the Russian economist, publicist, and political scientist M. Khazin – December 29, 2008

The ABCs of the Credit Crisis

Man's Relationship With the Creator Is Like a Dramatic Love StoryMary, a well-known, small-town moonshiner, decided to expand her enterprise and drive her competitor, Jane the moonshiner, out of business. In order to achieve this, Mary started selling moonshine to her customers in town on credit. Drinkers started coming from all over town, and the volume of sales skyrocketed, since after all, it was on credit!

But Mary was no fool – she kept receipts of every sale including the customer’s full legal name, driver’s license or passport number, and the payment due date. Her customers were also required to sign a contractual agreement.

To make things even better, Mary’s nephew was working for a bank at the time. As soon as he saw the pile of futures, he immediately got Mary a loan at the bank. Mary stocked up on sugar, and her business took off!

The bank had no problems giving her a loan, because the loan was securely guaranteed – if Mary couldn’t repay, her customers would have to pay up. But suddenly, the bank got an even better idea: they sorted the receipts according to their payment due date, issued bonds, and sold them to foreigners. Thus, the bank issued alcohol bonds guaranteed by the receipts, and brought in a flow of international capital. Happy foreigners started selling these bonds to one another, and their price went up. Nobody knew what the bonds represented, but since they were guaranteed by the bank and their value kept rising, people wanted to have them.

This would have continued, but since the bonds had almost matured, the bank was reminded that it was time to collect the money from either Mary or her customers. Obviously, her customers, the drunks, couldn’t pay, so Mary had to declare bankruptcy. Even the store that supplied Mary with sugar went out of business because of the sudden drop in sales. The cost of alcohol bonds on the stock exchange dropped by 95%, and the bank needed immediate rescuing at the expense of the non-drinkers.

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Lack Of Desire To Reproduce Is Egoism At Its Extreme

laitman_2009-03_4172Two questions I received on the relationship between egoism and reproduction:

Question: Do people reproduce because they have too much egoism in their soul?

My Answer: When there is too much egoism in one’s soul, it’s difficult to correct it. It’s much easier to correct it by separating it into pieces, and then to correct every piece separately. This is why the population increases. It decreases, however, because this egoism brings suffering to people. This is the cycle of the universe.

Question: Why don’t people want to reproduce? Is it because they have corrected (eliminated) the egoism within them, or is it because they have too much egoism which brings them suffering?

My Answer: The lack of the desire to reproduce is the extreme form of egoism.

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