Lack Of Desire To Reproduce Is Egoism At Its Extreme

laitman_2009-03_4172Two questions I received on the relationship between egoism and reproduction:

Question: Do people reproduce because they have too much egoism in their soul?

My Answer: When there is too much egoism in one’s soul, it’s difficult to correct it. It’s much easier to correct it by separating it into pieces, and then to correct every piece separately. This is why the population increases. It decreases, however, because this egoism brings suffering to people. This is the cycle of the universe.

Question: Why don’t people want to reproduce? Is it because they have corrected (eliminated) the egoism within them, or is it because they have too much egoism which brings them suffering?

My Answer: The lack of the desire to reproduce is the extreme form of egoism.

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One Comment

  1. My Answer: The lack of the desire to reproduce is the extreme form of egoism.

    Why? I’m interested in understanding egoism, but this statement seems to general. Could you explain in more detail “Why is this EXTREME”

    Seems like that word is a little excessive, don’t you need to understand the situation in which a person has made a decision not to reproduce, whether is health, economical, sociological, mental and so on. There are many factors that might affect the reasoning to not want to reproduce.

    I agree that ego is a factor sometimes, but not all the time and certainly not EXTREME. An absolute statement like this seems a little out of place when talking about egoism.

    I’m no intellectual just a regular Joe, so some enlightenment would be nice.

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