You Can’t Become “Human” Alone

the-condition-of-entering-the-upper-world-is-mutual-guaranteeA question I received: The science of Kabbalah teaches us about the structure of the spiritual worlds, and the feeling a person gets when he reaches the degree of “human.” However, when he attains this degree, he knows all the things that Kabbalists have revealed. Otherwise, they would not have been able to write all of their books. So why study the science of Kabbalah, if one can reach this state on his own?

My Answer: We study the science of Kabbalah in order to reach this faster. Otherwise, we would be like a child in our world who has to begin his life as a prehistoric human, having to rediscover the same laws and go through the same development all over again. We are preparing the world and creating a system of educating our children, so they will be ready for the spiritual world.

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The Key To Successful Dissemination

scientific-theories-cannot-prove-the-existence-of-godA question I received: At what point can we consider a dissemination attempt successful? For example, if we simply tell a person that there is a practical method to improve their lives, that we’re all connected through natural laws, without mentioning Kabbalah, is that dissemination? If I don’t mention Kabbalah to people, they assume I am just a Marxist, so I am curious as to whether I need to be more direct. The less direct approach seems appropriate for many forums and online publications, but I’d like to know that it’s not a waste of time.

My Answer: We have to provide an explanation of the following things, without mentioning Kabbalah:

  • What is our freedom of choice? It lies in creating the right environment (“The Freedom“)
  • What is the correct environment? It’s an environment that strives toward balance with Nature
  • How does one enter such environment? By humbling himself
  • What does one have to receive from it? The value of unity
  • Explain egoism’s development throughout history, in every generation and in each person’s individual life
  • Individual egoism is closing in to form an integral, closed system
  • Use examples from biology, cybernetics and other sciences that study closed systems
  • Explain the need for the right upbringing and education, teaching people the science of the new, united world
  • Explain why Marxism was applied incorrectly in Russia and the Kibbutzim
  • Using, facts, show that there is a possibility of Nazism and wars

You can extend this list, but without mentioning Kabbalah!

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The Recipe For Eternal Life

how-do-you-avoid-becoming-relaxed-on-the-pathIt only seems to us that there is life and death, because this is what our senses feel. In actuality, however, the will to receive is not born and does not die, but only goes through a change of state. A person who strives to leave the desire to receive and to attain the desire to bestow, receives eternal, complete fulfillment. He then feels that he is living an eternal and perfect life. He rejects the earlier form of egoism by the time he barely reaches twenty years of age, instead of forty. Just look at how many young people end their own lives or immerse themselves in drugs, wishing to disconnect from life.

However, if a person breaks loose of his egoism, which brings him despair, disappointment, devastation, and death, and if he acquires new desires – to bestow to others, then he feels an eternal pleasure. The Light doesn’t go away, but fills a person constantly. It vanishes only momentarily, to enable him to receive even greater fulfillment while ascending up the spiritual degrees.

It is as though he feels hunger or an appetite, and then immediate fulfillment. And this movement never ceases. Even when a person feels hungry, he is happy that he will soon be able to fulfill himself. And as soon as he fulfills himself, he immediately reveals the hunger and appetite of a higher degree and is able to receive new fulfillment.

This is the advancement that happens through the eternal Light. One has the Surrounding Light during the hunger and the Inner Light during the fulfillment. Thus, he obtains an eternal, spiritual life, instead of the physical life that ends.

He perceives the death of his material body as absolutely external, since his enormous spiritual desire does not feel any loss. When his body dies, he only connects to new, stronger desires, instead of the perception he had through his body and the material life. This is the recipe for eternal life and salvation from the angel of death.

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How To Establish The Right “Relationship Regulator”

where-do-our-thoughts-ideas-and-dreams-come-from1A question I received: All the countries seem to be talking about unity, but in the meantime, they are raising their tariffs. How can we let people know what they need to do in order to stop being separated from the rest of the world?

My Answer: People lack a clear understanding of what is happening. Their former way of thinking provides a recipe that seems effective and reliable: let’s stand apart from the other countries and work out our internal issues. In other words, let’s spend as little money as possible outside our country while absorbing and receiving as much as possible from the outside.

This type of behavior is typical for a person in crisis – he wants to save and stack up as much as possible while spending or using as little as possible. The same behavior is typical for governments as well. This is an egoistic, instinctive self-preservation reaction. But today, it is killing us, and it will only lead to Nazism and war.

Yet, it is possible to adopt a different kind of attitude: to refrain from the instinctive, egoistic reaction of isolating oneself from others, and to think together about what to do. If the only thing that can save us is for everyone to unite, because we are bound together by an inner connection, then let’s make our connection correct.

Countries have to come to an agreement that will be a “relationship regulator.” The agreement should be that every nation will receive ad consume whatever amount of resources it requires, and if it makes any additional profit, it will contribute it to the world fund. If the global community agrees to this and understands the need for it, then humanity will be saved. And people are already capable of understanding this.

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Does The Creator Hear Prayers Spoken For Us By A Computer?

laitman_2009-02-17_56922In the News: (from Information Age Prayer): Information Age Prayer is a subscription service utilizing a computer with text-to-speech capability to incant your prayers each day. It gives you the satisfaction of knowing that your prayers will always be said even if you wake up late, or forget.

We use state of the art text to speech synthesizers to voice each prayer at a volume and speed equivalent to typical person praying. Each prayer is voiced individually, with the name of the subscriber displayed on screen.

Choose a religion and a prayer from the menu. It’s only $5 a month, and a prayer for a child is only $2.

My Comment: The wonders of service in the 21st century. Kabbalah defines “prayer” as a person’s desire to correct his egoism to the quality of love and bestowal. This is the one true prayer! And that’s because this is the only thing a person has to do in life. This is the only desire that receives acknowledgment from the Creator. All the others simply don’t reach Him. This fact is easily confirmed simply by looking at the history of humankind.

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The Government Should Step Forward On Behalf Of The Defaulted Loan Holders

commissionIn the News (translated from Rossiiskaya Gazeta): Over the past month, the number of loan defaulters being sued [in Russia] increased by 150%, reaching 730 thousand people and totaling a debt of 117 billion rubles. However, this number includes only those debtors who were sued by the banks through court. In reality, the number of debtors is much higher, and many of them are families with children.

The banks are not willing to make any compromises since the massive defaults can leave them bankrupt, and problems in the banking system pose a real threat to the economy and the society.

My Comment: What can you take from a person who’s broke? The government should step forward on behalf of the people and assume write-offs, delayed payments, or even deals with the banks. There is no other solution. After all, all the money in the treasury came from the taxes paid by these people, or from selling the natural resources of the land that belongs to the people!

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