The Key To Successful Dissemination

scientific-theories-cannot-prove-the-existence-of-godA question I received: At what point can we consider a dissemination attempt successful? For example, if we simply tell a person that there is a practical method to improve their lives, that we’re all connected through natural laws, without mentioning Kabbalah, is that dissemination? If I don’t mention Kabbalah to people, they assume I am just a Marxist, so I am curious as to whether I need to be more direct. The less direct approach seems appropriate for many forums and online publications, but I’d like to know that it’s not a waste of time.

My Answer: We have to provide an explanation of the following things, without mentioning Kabbalah:

  • What is our freedom of choice? It lies in creating the right environment (“The Freedom“)
  • What is the correct environment? It’s an environment that strives toward balance with Nature
  • How does one enter such environment? By humbling himself
  • What does one have to receive from it? The value of unity
  • Explain egoism’s development throughout history, in every generation and in each person’s individual life
  • Individual egoism is closing in to form an integral, closed system
  • Use examples from biology, cybernetics and other sciences that study closed systems
  • Explain the need for the right upbringing and education, teaching people the science of the new, united world
  • Explain why Marxism was applied incorrectly in Russia and the Kibbutzim
  • Using, facts, show that there is a possibility of Nazism and wars

You can extend this list, but without mentioning Kabbalah!

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