The Crisis Is The Revelation Of Our Broken Connections

a-woman-can-advance-independentlyWe are at a very special stage, which is taking place for the first time in human history. Today human egoism is being revealed on a global scale and the connection between us is being revealed. This shows us how interdependent we are and how the desire to receive fills the entire “space” between us, leading us to a crisis in all areas of life: culture, economy, education, science, family life, and one’s attitude towards himself and others.

All the connections that unite us into a single system of souls are being revealed to us in their egoistic form, which is unfit for use and causes us suffering. This is taking place in order to force all of humanity to rise to the next degree – the spiritual degree. Out of hopelessness, people will desire to change their relationships from egoistic to altruistic. Therefore, Nature itself is revealing to us that the egoistic connection between us is evil, that it destroys our life and even threatens our existence.

The spiritual degree is now being revealed in our world. However, we are seeing it from the opposite side. What we lack is the recognition of our evil in order to draw the Light that will correct our egoistic desires to ones of bestowal for our neighbor. In order for this to happen, we have to discover that we are in exile. The Shechina is in exile – the collection of all the souls, inside of which the Creator, the Upper Force that connects us to each other, is revealed. We must raise the Shechina from the dust in order for our desires to unite into one common desire, as one man with one heart. This is called the revelation of the Shechina and its exodus from exile.

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Why Are One Billion People Hungry If The Earth Can Feed Even More People?

bottomIn the News (from WFP):UN Food Agencies Join G8 Ministers in Treviso” In order to feed the nearly one billion hungry people, the world needs political leadership and well invested resources. WFP (World Food Program) estimates it needs to feed more than 100 million people.

My Comment: Fish in an aquarium grow depending on how much food they receive and how big the aquarium is. The same happens everywhere in Nature. We are now at a stage where the Earth’s population growth has ceased, and moreover, it must decrease back to its “natural” size. This means the population will have to be reduced to one-half billion or one billion people, since this is how many the planet is able to feed without destroying itself. This is the opinion of the scientists, in any case. We’re ravaging the planet and its resources, and as a result, we’re destroying it.

However, if we shift to a new type of interpersonal relationships, where everyone will consume only what they need in order to exist, and where everyone will be connected through bonds of mutual support, mutual guarantee, and love, then Nature will treat us differently. When we create this connection between us, we will be in balance with Nature. And then the Earth’s population can grow without a limit!

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A Global World Is A World Of Love

those-are-study-kabbalah-are-not-scared-of-anythingA question I received: If love of others is a law, then how can anyone possibly fail to abide by it?

My Answer: A while back I knew a person who didn’t consider radiation a serious health hazard and believed that vodka would cleanse the body of it. So, he exposed himself to radiation a few times, and died soon after. The point is that there are forces in Nature that man doesn’t perceive, but they still affect him.

The science of Kabbalah reveals the whole of reality to man, including all of its laws, which invariably operate and cannot be escaped. We always exist in the same world, under the influence of the same laws, but we reveal them gradually. If we weren’t revealing certain laws now, it would be easy to ignore them and say that we’re doing ok.

Today we are revealing the Upper, Spiritual layer of reality – the unity between the souls and the place where the breaking of the souls occurred. Of course, we are free to ignore this, to pretend that nothing’s happening. But once we run out of food and are afflicted with all kinds of other miseries, people will quickly see that there is no choice but to recognize these things.

The Creator is a universal, active law – the general law of reality, and humanity must discover it. All the parts of humanity are completely interconnected, similar to the human body, where every part cares for every other part. This is the true meaning of love. People’s customary understanding of love is the pleasure that comes from fulfilling oneself, whereas true love is pleasure that’s felt from caring for others’ fulfillment. This is the meaning of being global.

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An Old Prayer

what-do-villains-and-prophets-have-to-do-with-bnei-baruchs-virtual-groupA question I received: What are the words of the old prayer that you mentioned during on of the lessons?

My Answer: It was probably this one:

אלי, תן לי את השלווה לקבל את הדברים שאין ביכולתי לשנותם, האומץ לשנות את אשר ביכולתי, והתבונה להבחין בין השניים

My Lord, give me the humility to accept the things I cannot change, the strength to change the things I should change, and the wisdom to distinguish between the two.

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Religious Ethics Are Opposite To Kabbalah

laitman_2009-03_81661A question I received: During the lessons you often remind us that religious ethics is completely different from Kabbalah. But when Baal HaSulam wrote this, didn’t he mean the secular, Greek, or corporeal ethics? Aren’t the ethics of the sages passed on through the Light, in order to direct us toward the realization of evil, so we will know what to ask the Light for, and It will then bring us back to the source?

My Answer: Baal HaSulam uses the term Musar (ethics) to describe the opposite of one’s development using Kabbalah.

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Virtual Lesson On 04.12.09

perfectThe virtual lesson which took place on 04.12.09, from 4:00pm to 5:00pm Israel time, was the second in a series of lessons on Baal HaSulam’s article, “Peace in the World.” These lessons are translated from Russian into English, Spanish, French, German and Hebrew.

True Love Is The Fulfillment Of Another’s Desire

the-intention-of-attaining-the-creator-does-not-conflict-with-careerA question I received: How can love between people be a law if love is about a person’s feelings?

My Answer: Desire is the material of creation. Desire is a force – a force of attraction and a force of repulsion. There are laws in the world that are obvious, and we obey them involuntary. Other laws are still concealed from us, and thus we do not obey them yet. But if they do become revealed, it is best for us to learn them quickly and start obeying them.

What is “love” in our world? It’s when something awakens a feeling in me that I might get pleasure from it. I then aspire to this thing, to this spark of light. I want to get closer to this light and connect to it, so it will fulfill me. The pleasure can come from food, sex, family, money, power, or knowledge. But what do I really connect to? I connect to the spark of pleasure that enters my desire for pleasure. This is what “love” in our world is.

In Kabbalah, “love for your neighbor” does not mean that you like someone’s face, personality, or status, although this is exactly how people interpret love for one’s neighbor in our world. The latter is not love for him, but just a feeling of attraction to something that fulfills you.

True love is when you fulfill the desires of another as if they are your own. This means that you love your neighbor rather than yourself. It is when you work with and fulfill his desire. This is love for one’s neighbor.

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