Why Are One Billion People Hungry If The Earth Can Feed Even More People?

bottomIn the News (from WFP):UN Food Agencies Join G8 Ministers in Treviso” In order to feed the nearly one billion hungry people, the world needs political leadership and well invested resources. WFP (World Food Program) estimates it needs to feed more than 100 million people.

My Comment: Fish in an aquarium grow depending on how much food they receive and how big the aquarium is. The same happens everywhere in Nature. We are now at a stage where the Earth’s population growth has ceased, and moreover, it must decrease back to its “natural” size. This means the population will have to be reduced to one-half billion or one billion people, since this is how many the planet is able to feed without destroying itself. This is the opinion of the scientists, in any case. We’re ravaging the planet and its resources, and as a result, we’re destroying it.

However, if we shift to a new type of interpersonal relationships, where everyone will consume only what they need in order to exist, and where everyone will be connected through bonds of mutual support, mutual guarantee, and love, then Nature will treat us differently. When we create this connection between us, we will be in balance with Nature. And then the Earth’s population can grow without a limit!

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