Mikhail Fridman Explains The Financial Crisis According to the Bible

godIn the News (from Interfax):Fridman believes the Old Testament mentioned inevitability of economic crises” The head of Alfa Group Mikhail Fridman believes all economic crises, including the current one, were predicted in biblical times.

“Economics in general is a cyclical process linked to many parameters, mainly to cycles of human consciousness. It evaluates situations as improving and then suddenly it decides that everything is bad and it’s better to sell everything. Starting from the story of Joseph, who promised the pharaoh ‘seven years of plenty and seven years of famine,’ this peculiarity of human psyche and peculiarity of natural cycles were not questioned,” Fridman said at a session of the Russian Jewish Congress business club.

In the News (translated from Cursor.co.il): Regarding the Russian economy, Mikhail Fridman said he had good news and bad news:

  • The bad news is that due to a lack of diversified sources of forming the GDP, the stabilization fund may be exhausted by 2009-2010.
  • The good news is that the crisis will eliminate inefficient managers and businesses, replacing them with more efficient ones.

My Comment: I met with him two years ago in his office and told him my opinion of the crisis, but I don’t think he understood me at the time. The economic crisis was not apparent yet and he wasn’t interested in other crises.

Seven years of plenty are gone forever. Seven years of famine are here, and they will end with the “ten Egyptian plagues,” which will force us to come out of Egypt – our egoism. We will have to transform the entire economy from egoistic – based on maximum profit, to altruistic – based on maximum bestowal.

As a matter of fact, I did enjoy meeting him, especially when he recited his poems!

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There Is A New Force Operating In The World – The Force Of Total Interconnection

electWe say that the modern world has become global and integral, and all the people in the world are now connected to each other. Is this a fact that’s described in some book, treaty, or convention? Or is it an indisputable fact that exists in the world? Where does this phenomenon come from?

Just as the force of gravity influences everything on earth, so the force of our connection is being revealed today. Until recently, this force – the connection between us – was not apparent, and everyone was free to do whatever they wanted. Today, however, we are dependent on this force and controlled by it.

This force connects everyone’s thoughts, desires, and actions with everyone else. It’s as if we are in a net that was imposed on us from above and that holds us together. In it, every person unwillingly influences everyone, and everyone influences each and every one of us – through thoughts, desires, and actions.

This force, this absolute interdependency, is being revealed to us in order to make us want to unite as one, and to reach the “Mutual Guarantee.” When we reach this state, we will reveal an Upper Intelligent Force – the Creator.

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Economists Recommend: The Way To Overcome The Crisis Is A Good State Of Mind

futureIn the News (from Ynetnews):Fischer: Israel handled crisis well” President Peres expressed his proficiency in the Israeli economy and revealed that he reads articles written by the world’s greatest economist. “I was surprised to read important economists saying they have reached the conclusion that there is an economic factor influencing the economy more than anything else and which they have no knowledge of: The state of mind,” said the president, noting that there are ways to deal with a state of mind. “I think that in Israel as well it’s important not to sink into melancholy,” he said. “My impression is that compared to other countries we are above the average. …we are on the right track, at least in terms of regulation.”

My Comment: What these economists are calling the “state of mind” is actually the influence of the human attitude on the economy. This influence is, in fact, the defining factor, because the economy is a reflection of society’s relationships.

Because the relationships have become different – global, the economy must now account for people’s complete inter-connectedness. Economists should understand that in the future, those who will succeed and win are the ones that build business for the common good.

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We Are Always Subject To Nature’s Law Of Love

How Old Is the World?The more we repeat the phrase, “love your neighbor as yourself,” the less we understand it. It is written that this is the general rule, the law of all reality, and we must act according to it. And whoever thinks that individual parts of the universe do not observe it, is mistaken.

We observe this law because we have no other choice, since we live in one dimension, in one sphere. This law affects us, but we observe it unwillingly. The suffering we perceive is precisely this absence of desire to observe this law. This is how we feel the difference between the present state and the more advanced state.

If we pay attention to this, we will be able to discern the most important thing: that this law is mandatory for us. It affects us and we purposefully exist in a state that’s opposite to it, where we don’t want it. This is done in order for us to realize its importance, splendor and universality. We will then observe it willingly, with our free choice.

The fact is, we all serve the Creator (or Nature). However, some of us do it unwillingly, while others do it willingly and consciously.

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The Stages Of Our Development: Still, Vegetative, Animate And Human

the-meaning-of-spiritual-and-physical-tearsQuestions I received about the levels of development:

Question: Am I correct to understand that a person on the still level of development has not yet revealed his point in the heart? And does the development of the point in the heart follow the same stages: still, vegetative, animate and human?

My Answer: Yes, it’s exactly as you’ve explained.

Question: Is it possible to skip from the still level to the animate level, or from the vegetative level to the speaking level during one’s development?

My Answer: No. The transition is always gradual, according to the established order.

Question: Before we descended into our world, we had no concept or awareness of it. Therefore, when we ascend back up to the collective soul, will we develop a spiritual awareness? And how will this differ from our lack of awareness before we descended?

My Answer: The difference is our recognition of what happens to us and our participation in the process of attaining the Creator, His level of existence.

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