The Stages Of Our Development: Still, Vegetative, Animate And Human

the-meaning-of-spiritual-and-physical-tearsQuestions I received about the levels of development:

Question: Am I correct to understand that a person on the still level of development has not yet revealed his point in the heart? And does the development of the point in the heart follow the same stages: still, vegetative, animate and human?

My Answer: Yes, it’s exactly as you’ve explained.

Question: Is it possible to skip from the still level to the animate level, or from the vegetative level to the speaking level during one’s development?

My Answer: No. The transition is always gradual, according to the established order.

Question: Before we descended into our world, we had no concept or awareness of it. Therefore, when we ascend back up to the collective soul, will we develop a spiritual awareness? And how will this differ from our lack of awareness before we descended?

My Answer: The difference is our recognition of what happens to us and our participation in the process of attaining the Creator, His level of existence.

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