How To Change The Direction Of The Crisis

reminds1Today, a new kind of connection among people is being revealed – a connection that is universal. Until now, our relationships worked by the Darwinian principle: the strongest succeeded and won, and one’s success always occurred at the expense of another. However, now this principle has stopped working.

Today, it turns out that the ones who succeed are those who work together with others. This does not mean just being partners, but rather, having a connection of kindness, where everyone is equal and one person does not surpass others. But who has the strength to act this way?

Much is being said today about the need to connect with each other, and this is what the situation in the world demands of us, because the whole world is one small, global village that functions according to the Butterfly Effect. But how can we put this into action? President Obama, all of his advisers and all the other government leaders are also aware that the world is global, and there are thousands of very smart people working to figure this issue out. However, they lack the Light, which can reveal precisely where the defect is. Thus, education is the only means that can make people understand the solution.

The billions of dollars that are being spent to help the banks and enterprises will have to be spent on a worldwide education system, which will raise a new kind of human being – one who’s global. This is where they money should go, instead of being put into banks or used to spur trade. Nothing else will save us.

We are facing this fact, this law of nature, which demands that we unite together as one. We don’t know what constitutes this unity or how to create it, but we must create the image of the corrected world within us. The minute people will begin to do this, the situation in the world will improve. And we don’t have to wait for everyone to be corrected, because as soon as people just begin to move in this direction, nature itself will support us.

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  1. How did man get here?

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