Nature Has Trapped Us Inside Our Interconnection

those-are-study-kabbalah-are-not-scared-of-anything2A question I received: Is the crisis Nature’s way of punishing us for our bad behavior?

My Answer: There is no such thing in Nature as punishment. The crisis is a reflection of our disparity with the new system of relationships, which is now being revealed among us. This is why none of the anti-crisis methods that people are trying to apply to the economy will work. These attempts will only accelerate people’s recognition that their egoism is evil.

We need an entirely new method – one that is altruistic and aimed at altering human consciousness. People all over the world will have to understand that we have entered a new system of human relationships.

Nature has trapped us, bound us together, and closed the lock – that’s it, we’re interconnected. We have developed for thousands of years to reach the height of our egoistic development, and we now find ourselves completely interconnected.

This is the revelation of the next, spiritual degree of humanity’s existence. On this degree, we are all one single body – and there’s nothing we can do about this!

This is why everyone will suffer, and not just in some parts of the world, but everywhere. After all, we are one body, and in a body, if the leg hurts, it’s impossible for the head to be ignorant of the pain.

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  1. In order to foster a positive atmosphere and help reduce humanities fears etc. etc.
    Could you illustrate a few previous spiritual levels that humanity has gone through successfully? i.e. show how nature( the causes ) changed humanity for the good ( the effects )!

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