We Don’t Need A Strong Ruler, But Unification

unificationIn the News (translated from Computerra.ru): 150 years ago, serfdom was eliminated at the supreme behest of the Tsar. From that time on, millions of Russians have lived with a feeling that they were stripped of something important, maybe even the most important thing. After tasting freedom, many pondered, “What is so good about having to search for food?” When you are at the landlord’s disposal, everyone wins – both the master and the slave.

Some felt that it was good to live without a landlord, but many missed the feeling of having someone powerful in charge! And in the nineties, people began to demand a master to come and fix their lives.

The modern oligarchs are not in favor of this plan, since they have exploited the natural resources and turned the people adrift, leaving them to survive on their own. So, the people have to search for a new Master!

My Comment: All nations and people differ from each other because each has its own spiritual root. The crisis will even all of this out, and the revelation of Kabbalah – the method of unification, will allow even the most opposite people to connect by ascending above the self.

Only the unification of all people will bring us to perfection, regardless of different personalities, customs, religions and all other differences. Unification enables people to rise above all the differences, for everyone to be as one whole, and for every person to realize that he is of equal value as everyone else, since he is part of the complete body of humanity.

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