It Is Up To Us To Turn Poison Into Medicine

when-will-suffering-disappearThe entire healing process occurs through the realization of evil, through feeling the evil with the help of the poison. The symbol of medicine is a snake wrapped around a cup of poison. At first it may seem like this is something that causes the greatest harm to a person and makes him die. But actually, it acts on the contrary – it heals a person.

How is it possible for the same thing be a source of both life and death? The fact is, it is the person who determines how this source will influence him. He is the one to determine whether the drop of poison will be a poisonous or healing for him.

Some people desire to examine human nature and to understand how to cure it. Others use the same examination to learn how to turn poison to medicine. And others yet only use the medicine. However, they must realize that they are ill, at least to some extent! They have to understand what it means to live, what it means to die, what is good and what is evil, and to learn that there is a medicine that allows them to go from one state to another.

A person has to know that there is a “doctor” he can come to, someone he can pay to receive treatment, and that this treatment might be painful. But in a way, he does have to participate in the healing process.

The entire human development occurs under the supervision of the trustworthy, genuine Doctor. Humanity has received the medicine, and it has gone through a process of development. And now is the time for people to participate in this process independently. Why? Because one reaches the degree of “human” by participating in the general system, by building it and desiring for it to be built in order to reveal the system of Adam – the system of souls that are connected to each other through bonds of giving. This makes them similar to the Creator’s quality.

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