The Time Has Come To Perform An “Upgrade” On Ourselves

from-our-world-to-the-vurtual-world-to-the-upper-worldSometimes my computer breaks down and I call in specialists to fix it. They come over and begin explaining that I need to replace my hard drive, add some program, that the computer has been infected by a virus, and so on. I don’t understand any of this. I just see the external picture, while they are talking about the inner picture.

Yesterday there was a notice in the news about how many people have been laid off from their jobs here in Israel and in the rest of the world, what the world is facing, what problems lie ahead, and that no one sees the end to these problems. This process isn’t clear to anyone, and it is impossible to calculate because there’s no “formula” for it.

This is the external side of things. Meanwhile, on the inside, if you were to see them on a computer, you would call a technician and tell him, “Make everything okay.” And so it is here: you are looking at the crisis from the point of view of a regular person, who looks at the computer screen and says, “Here we are downsizing, there we have other problems, and we have to do something about it.” However, when the specialists come in, they explain that we have to perform an upgrade by renewing the parts and the software. Then the picture will improve. You are saying, “I don’t know about this. I just want this problem to go away from the screen.”

Well, this is impossible. We have to learn the changes that must take place inside the system, and then the outside will be corrected as well. Our world is changing. Until now we lived, earned money, and gathered crops in particular conditions in our society. Now however, in order to earn a living, we have to modernize, improve, and take the current natural conditions into account, which are more complex.

You are being promised a better salary, and you are not permitted to keep the old, lower salary. What’s happening is modernization, and nature is forcing it on us.

In order to grow plants, we consider all the parameters that exist in Nature, but in order to grow a human being, there is just one condition: to be connected with others. We have to learn how to do this, and then we will be corrected. We will become better and the world will also change. The conditions are simple: Nature is revealing the lack of the proper connection between people. Everyone affects each other, but we affect each other negatively. And this has to be corrected. There is nothing difficult about this.
(From the lesson on Baal HaSulam’s article, “One Precept,” on 03.05.2009)

Will “My House Is My Fortress” Become The New American Ideology?

purposeI just received a letter from one of my students in America, who writes that when he and his wife went to a store, they saw a lot of people in line to buy weapons. There were different kinds of weapons on sale, even a machine gun. The store clerk said that some of the weapons were out of stock and they were waiting for an additional order to come in. He explained that it’s because people have been buying weapons like crazy! In the past, people used to stock up on food before a famine, and in a similar way, they’re now stocking up on guns. But who will these guns be used on?

Are they scared that someone will attack America? Or are they scared that hunger will bring them to a situation where they’ll have to start attacking and stealing from each other? It will be the same all over the world, and this is exactly where the recognition of evil will come from!
Today every person wants to lock himself up in his house (or bunker) where he will have food, medicine, and other necessities for the rest of his days. And he wants this bunker to be able to withstand the entire world. This is what our ego instinctively wants.

People have to think about tomorrow, and they have to take care of themselves. Yet, at the same time, they should also think about how to have a connection with others tomorrow, since then they won’t have to use others in order to get the necessities.

Today Americans are isolating from each other more and more, and this is bringing them closer to the recognition of evil. However, all of this is the dawn of a good state. The Americans will realize that it is the wrong path only after they have gone through some of it.

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Virtual Lesson On 03.29.09

laitman_2009-03_7952The virtual lesson held on 03.29.09 from 4:00pm to 5:00pm Israel time, was the fifth lesson on Baal HaSulam’s article, “Inner Reflection,” from Part 1 of Talmud Eser Sefirot. These lessons are translated from Russian into English, Spanish, French, German and Hebrew.

Protestors In London Are Telling the G20 – “One Nature, One Country, One World”

massiveThe protests in London, in anticipation of the G20’s meetings and presentations, are an appeal to the G20 to unite. It was a severe warning to all the governments of the world that the crisis must be solved within the framework of “One Nature, One Country, One World,” at least for their own safety.

Death Of One’s Egoism Is Better Than This Life

why-is-the-financial-crisis-bringing-more-people-to-religionA question I received: What is the meaning of the Kabbalistic expression, “Death is better than this life”? Does a person have a choice whether to live or die? Or, does living mean being in the spiritual world, and death is equal to a lack of spirituality?

My Answer: Kabbalah speaks only about spiritual states, rather than the death or life of our bodies. the expression says that the death of one’s egoism is better than this life, even though one’s life may be filled with various kinds of pleasure. That’s because the pleasure may distance one from the truth, and one will reach the end of his life without any result.

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What Can We Teach Our Children?

is-there-such-a-thing-as-a-happy-childhoodA true guide knows everything that might happen along the path and does not lead people astray. This is how each and every teacher in the world should be teaching. Teachers of mathematics, physics and other pragmatic subjects are able to educate students successfully because they are teaching children about real laws that exist in Nature. They are transferring their own knowledge and experience. So, the teachers of the exact and natural sciences are ok – they don’t lie to their students.

However, the teachers who want to teach children about how to behave in life do not provide correct or realistic information. First of all, they do not live properly themselves, they do not know what will happen tomorrow, and they are unable to imagine what will happen to a child, because they have never advanced along the same path. So, when it comes to schooling, the school teachers should only teach mathematics, physics and other exact sciences.

However, when it comes to true upbringing, the only ones who can teach are those who have ascended up the spiritual ladder and are found a few degrees above the children. It doesn’t matter if the students are small children or big children – a student may even be 60 or 70 years old.

This is why we have so many problems between parents and children. The parents are still on the level of the egoistic desire, in a world that’s already moved forward. They are like dinosaurs that fell into a new world! They still want to teach their children, but their children have a new level of desire and need new teachers. So there is a two-fold mistake here! A parent belonging to a previous century is teaching a child who lives in the current century, but that child needs a teacher from the next century. There is a gap between the two degrees, and we still allege that we can teach our children something.

We do not fit the children when it comes to their desires or their fulfillment. So it’s no surprise that we do not succeed in education. Today, a new, global connection between everyone is being revealed, and we, the whole world, are completely out of touch with it.

So if we are talking about making individuals into human beings, about preparing them for life, then the teacher can only be someone who has ascended a few degrees higher. He cannot just be someone who has graduated from a college or university. After all, how could he possibly teach a child how to behave in the world if he does not understand what happens in this world himself?

(From the lesson on Baal HaSulam’s article, “One Precept,” on 03.18.2009)

Can We Stop Desiring?

what-does-the-torah-say-about-the-red-stringA question I received: Recently I came to the conclusion that what causes us suffering is our desire. It is impossible to reduce and it never ends. I want to stop desiring anything. I simply don’t wish to desire anything, and I just want to do what I must, no matter what comes my way. Is this possible? Don’t tell me, “try it and see.” I understand that this is impossible. But what should I do now?

My Answer: Try it and see. “Try” means to study and disseminate Kabbalah. You will then gain an understanding from being connected to the group, and will begin to feel the influence of the Upper Force on you. The group is like a tuning fork for a musician – it is an instrument for attuning yourself to the Creator, since the direction leading to him is hidden from us.

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The Time Of Capitalism Is Over

confirmAmericans should understand that their capitalism has ended. The authorities are still functioning by the outdated principles, which were relevant in times of individual egoism, by the rule, “one’s income depends on one’s personal egoism and efforts.” Today, however,every person depends on a system or grid of forces that govern the world. Today’s problems aren’t caused by individuals, but by every person’s interaction with the global governing system – with society or humanity. To find solutions, we must look to people’s connection with their environment, rather than to the individuals.

Providing huge monetary funds to revive the economy will not give any result because what’s missing isn’t the money, but the connection between people. The problem is how to create the grid that will connect everyone within people’s feelings and consciousness. It is people’s attitudes that should change: each person should be ready to keep for himself exactly as much as he needs for a normal existence. And all the rest should go to society. “A society of consumers” has ceased to exist. We are entering a society of “optimal existence.”

A quote by Karl Marx from 1867: “Owners of capital will stimulate the working class to buy more and more expensive goods, real estate and equipment, pushing them to take more and more expensive loans until the loans end up in default. The defaulted loans will cause banks to go bankrupt and nationalized by the government, and this, in turn, will lead to the emergence of communism.”

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