Will “My House Is My Fortress” Become The New American Ideology?

purposeI just received a letter from one of my students in America, who writes that when he and his wife went to a store, they saw a lot of people in line to buy weapons. There were different kinds of weapons on sale, even a machine gun. The store clerk said that some of the weapons were out of stock and they were waiting for an additional order to come in. He explained that it’s because people have been buying weapons like crazy! In the past, people used to stock up on food before a famine, and in a similar way, they’re now stocking up on guns. But who will these guns be used on?

Are they scared that someone will attack America? Or are they scared that hunger will bring them to a situation where they’ll have to start attacking and stealing from each other? It will be the same all over the world, and this is exactly where the recognition of evil will come from!
Today every person wants to lock himself up in his house (or bunker) where he will have food, medicine, and other necessities for the rest of his days. And he wants this bunker to be able to withstand the entire world. This is what our ego instinctively wants.

People have to think about tomorrow, and they have to take care of themselves. Yet, at the same time, they should also think about how to have a connection with others tomorrow, since then they won’t have to use others in order to get the necessities.

Today Americans are isolating from each other more and more, and this is bringing them closer to the recognition of evil. However, all of this is the dawn of a good state. The Americans will realize that it is the wrong path only after they have gone through some of it.

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