Will A New Morality Save The World From Collapse?

correctIn the News (from Bundespraesident):German President Calls for Unity in Face of Economic Crisis” The crisis is now teaching us that destruction lies at the core of freedom that knows no constraints. But the market must have rules and a sense of ethics. That is precisely why the crisis confirms the value of the social market economy. It is more than an economic system. It is a system of values. And we must subject the major financial institutions to uniform international supervision.

My Comment: However, as soon as they begin to create such a system, they will either discover that it’s unfeasible or twist it into a Soviet-like system that will only lead to further conflicts and wars. Only by disseminating Kabbalah – the method of man’s correction – will we be able to create a correct system of interconnections between us on all levels – social, political, economic, moral, domestic, and so on.

Meanwhile, the crisis will continue to progress step by step, in waves, affecting the economy, our health, the ecology, the harvests, and so on. Through these storms and descents, humanity will begin to realize that there is an intelligent force of Nature controlling the crisis in order to develop us. Humanity will then begin to search for a connection with this force and will come to Kabbalah on their own. However, our dissemination will accelerate this path.

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Protectionism Will Bring The Worst Results

a-crisis-is-a-crisisIn the News (from The Wall Street Journal):WTO Details Rising Protectionism, Pushes Countries to Reverse Course” A steady buildup of protectionist measures could “slowly strangle” international trade and undercut the effectiveness of national stimulus plans, according to a report the World Trade Organization sent its 153 members.

My Comment: Moreover, since estrangement of countries goes against Nature’s general tendency, which favors our unification, we will sink into an even greater crisis. We will then see the appearance of Nazi regimes and the Third World War.

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The World’s Egoism Can Be Learned From America

a-new-years-wish-to-the-worldA question I received: Many of the students studying in our virtual Learning Center live in North America – the place that has been hit by the crisis the most. How should they look at the crisis? How can their situation be eased, and what can they do?

My Answer: Unlike other countries, America has several unique qualities. First of all, it is a melting pot containing the whole of “Babylon” – all 70 nations of the world, and this is beneficial to it. On the other hand, Americans are at the extreme edge of egoism: each person desires to receive everything for himself only and demands personal freedom, and this is the reason America is receiving such enormous blows. So, on one hand, they are in difficult circumstances, but on the other hand, it may be easier for them to accept the concepts of community and reciprocity.

Their enormous strength will help them to quickly realize that even this cannot save them. A person with no money thinks that if he had money, he would be saved from the crisis. However, one who has money and an opportunity to print dollars will quickly find that he has no power at all, despite the fact that he owns the Bank of America.

Americans wished to set an example for the whole world as the country of consumerism. But this concept is already outdated and they are realizing their mistake. America is the right place to study the world’s egoism. It is the only place in the world where egoism dominates in the open, in a form that’s understood and accepted by everyone, without any compromises or pretenses. This is why what is happening in America will influence the entire world. Let’s hope the understanding will come quickly.

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