Can We Stop Desiring?

what-does-the-torah-say-about-the-red-stringA question I received: Recently I came to the conclusion that what causes us suffering is our desire. It is impossible to reduce and it never ends. I want to stop desiring anything. I simply don’t wish to desire anything, and I just want to do what I must, no matter what comes my way. Is this possible? Don’t tell me, “try it and see.” I understand that this is impossible. But what should I do now?

My Answer: Try it and see. “Try” means to study and disseminate Kabbalah. You will then gain an understanding from being connected to the group, and will begin to feel the influence of the Upper Force on you. The group is like a tuning fork for a musician – it is an instrument for attuning yourself to the Creator, since the direction leading to him is hidden from us.

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