The Recipe For Eternal Life

how-do-you-avoid-becoming-relaxed-on-the-pathIt only seems to us that there is life and death, because this is what our senses feel. In actuality, however, the will to receive is not born and does not die, but only goes through a change of state. A person who strives to leave the desire to receive and to attain the desire to bestow, receives eternal, complete fulfillment. He then feels that he is living an eternal and perfect life. He rejects the earlier form of egoism by the time he barely reaches twenty years of age, instead of forty. Just look at how many young people end their own lives or immerse themselves in drugs, wishing to disconnect from life.

However, if a person breaks loose of his egoism, which brings him despair, disappointment, devastation, and death, and if he acquires new desires – to bestow to others, then he feels an eternal pleasure. The Light doesn’t go away, but fills a person constantly. It vanishes only momentarily, to enable him to receive even greater fulfillment while ascending up the spiritual degrees.

It is as though he feels hunger or an appetite, and then immediate fulfillment. And this movement never ceases. Even when a person feels hungry, he is happy that he will soon be able to fulfill himself. And as soon as he fulfills himself, he immediately reveals the hunger and appetite of a higher degree and is able to receive new fulfillment.

This is the advancement that happens through the eternal Light. One has the Surrounding Light during the hunger and the Inner Light during the fulfillment. Thus, he obtains an eternal, spiritual life, instead of the physical life that ends.

He perceives the death of his material body as absolutely external, since his enormous spiritual desire does not feel any loss. When his body dies, he only connects to new, stronger desires, instead of the perception he had through his body and the material life. This is the recipe for eternal life and salvation from the angel of death.

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