How To Establish The Right “Relationship Regulator”

where-do-our-thoughts-ideas-and-dreams-come-from1A question I received: All the countries seem to be talking about unity, but in the meantime, they are raising their tariffs. How can we let people know what they need to do in order to stop being separated from the rest of the world?

My Answer: People lack a clear understanding of what is happening. Their former way of thinking provides a recipe that seems effective and reliable: let’s stand apart from the other countries and work out our internal issues. In other words, let’s spend as little money as possible outside our country while absorbing and receiving as much as possible from the outside.

This type of behavior is typical for a person in crisis – he wants to save and stack up as much as possible while spending or using as little as possible. The same behavior is typical for governments as well. This is an egoistic, instinctive self-preservation reaction. But today, it is killing us, and it will only lead to Nazism and war.

Yet, it is possible to adopt a different kind of attitude: to refrain from the instinctive, egoistic reaction of isolating oneself from others, and to think together about what to do. If the only thing that can save us is for everyone to unite, because we are bound together by an inner connection, then let’s make our connection correct.

Countries have to come to an agreement that will be a “relationship regulator.” The agreement should be that every nation will receive ad consume whatever amount of resources it requires, and if it makes any additional profit, it will contribute it to the world fund. If the global community agrees to this and understands the need for it, then humanity will be saved. And people are already capable of understanding this.

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