Film, “The Way Back To Yourself,” In Sweden

the-remedy-of-the-global-crisisOur friends from Sweden report that a TV channel in Goteborg, Sweden began broadcasting the film, “The Way to Yourself.” An audience of 600,000 read the following text in the television program:

“The Way to Yourself,” a documentary film by Semion Vinokur. In this film, Professor Michael Laitman explains that all our society and economic problems have just one cause – egoism. The film looks at why it is so difficult for us to understand and love one another, and how to accomplish this. The television program is organized by the Kabbalah group in Sweden.

The quality of the broadcast is very high. The program’s opening night was preceded by an interview with Kabbalah students Thomas and Mikhael by the local mass-media. The film is broadcast in the evening, four times per week, at the best viewing time for the television audience.

In addition, they will be showing the lesson series “Kabbalah Revealed” by Tony Kosinec from Canada. We hope this series will have a big audience and will help people to properly assess the situation that humanity has found itself in at the end of the 20th century.

My Comment: I would like to thank all those who advance this project, and who translate and edit the materials with so much responsibility and love!

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  1. Bravo Sweden!

    … For giving this material the attention it deserves and making it readily available to your citizens. May this soon be followed in every country across the globe so that all can quickly understand why we are experiencing these crises and most importantly that the solution is in reach, in our hands and hearts: Unity.

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