Today You Can Meet Many “Kabbalists” On Every Corner

highQuestions I received about the Vedas, theosophy, other Kabbalists and autism:

Question: I find your lectures and books very interesting. I do not want to compare Kabbalah in any way to other “teachings,” but can you tell me what your thoughts are on the “Vedas,” which are teachings from India? My interest is to understand what your opinion is on other teachings that may have similar views, however different the “Kabbalah” approach may be.

My Answer: These teachings are psychological and act within the boundaries of our world.

Question: Are there any contacts between spiritually advanced representatives of Kabbalah and spiritually advanced representatives of Theosophy?

My Answer: No!

Question: Whenever Kabbalah is mentioned on TV, the name of a certain contemporary Kabbalist, Rafael, is mentioned more frequently than your name. This Rafael explains that Kabbalah says that the Messiah will come to the world soon, which is completely contrary to what you say. Can you please comment?

My Answer: I am not acquainted with him. I just know that today there are many “Kabbalists” on every corner…

Question: I recently had the privilege of attending a young severely autistic boy called David’s Bar Mitzvah, where he sang all seven Torah readings in perfect pitch and tone. You could have heard a pin drop; it was amazing. His mother said to me after that David says the words sing to him. What does Kabbalah say about the Hebrew letters in the sense of the letters singing to a boy and what does it say about severely disabled children?

My Answer: Autistic people are unable to make corrections. It is a special life cycle of a soul in our world. Our task is to help them; this will correct both us and them.

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  1. You say in this post that autistic people are unable to make corrections. Now there are many forms and graduations in autism. For example my son has pdd-nos which is a part of the autistic spectrum but he is no “rainman” at all. I have read in different books on pdd-nos and autistic spectrums that these people have a hard time connecting to others and understand what is going on inside of them. Isn’t this so because of the growing egoism? Our overal problem is connection, is it possible that the brain just shuts of the part it doesn’t want to use?
    Also, my son has problems connecting to children his age, crowded places etc. I took him with me to the Blackpool congress and he was almost a “normal” child in the environment of the friends.

    How come that 1 in every 200 persons have an autistic problem right now and the “not able to correct” does that count for all autistic spectrums like pdd-nos, asperger syndrome etc.?

    Love, Karin

  2. I am interested in hearing a further take on your theory regarding Autism, as there are many levels of the affliction within the spectrum.

    Are these children chosen by God to reveal or fulfill a larger purpose? Is it true what some say: that they can hear what is going on in Olam Ba? (Heaven) That they can hear Angels?

    Or is the fact that SO many children are being afflicted, a larger sign to humanity on the whole that there is something “wrong” with how we are living, and what we are doing, and that we need to correct?

    Thank you so much Rav!

  3. When studying any one Religion, one must concentrate on it ONLY.
    comparison, to other sects will lead to confusion, non understanding of
    Kabbalah. When Kab’ is understood well, then compare with others.
    This is my humble suggestion to all.
    We are not attaing a Phd or a degree, we are learning the ways of God through
    his creation, Humans.
    We have to be good, behaved, patient and non critical. We must take in the Best
    available, and keep it our hearts to be better.
    We mean well for the self and all, in every aspect.

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