The Crisis Comes From Our Disparity To Nature

meA question I received: Why exactly should the current crisis make masses of people to recognize that the ego is evil? Why didn’t this happen through the previous shocks that humanity has gone through?

My Answer: The previous crises did not affect such a large mass of people. And the only way you can influence a large group of people is by threatening them with loss of money or health. This is the most important thing to them. Money is the same as food, and food and health is the minimum that a person needs to support his animate existence.

We all are egoists and are separated from each other. However, a new form of connection between us is now coming into our lives. It is called Adam – our corrected state, and it is dawning on us from above.

It manifested even earlier, in the form of a crisis in the areas of culture and education. But today it has already grown into a crisis of the food supply, although it still hasn’t affected people’s health. Thus, it is affecting the most essential needs of every person. But the fact is, what we perceive as the crisis is actually the abyss between our current state and our corrected state. This abyss is what we have to overcome.

It won’t help to hide in a bunker. The net is coming down over us, getting closer and closer. So what can we do? We have to bring ourselves in alignment with that net of forces, the connections between us. And if we don’t, then we will be influenced by negative forces that will make us do it. The only way out is to become equivalent to Nature.

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