We Will Evolve To Acquire Power Over All Of Nature

birthWe are always advancing from unconscious development toward conscious development. This happens in our individual lives, where we are born as immature infants and grow up to become intelligent adults. And all of humanity goes through the same kind of development, maturing from generation to generation.

We must develop to a state where we will incorporate all of Nature within us. This means we will rule over it using our mind and sensations, we will understand it, see its entire program and all of its connections, and everything that happens in all of its parts.

This is why the global world is being revealed to us – because man must come to govern all of Nature. This is what Nature wants from us, and it’s leading us toward this through the process of our evolution. The purpose is for man to gain the ability to consciously control and be above all the other levels of Nature – still, vegetative, and animate.

Power is not a negative force. To rule over Nature means to understand it, to feel it and to know its laws. This is what ruling with the mind is, rather than using those who are weaker than you. This is what is meant by the phrase: man must absorb all of Nature.

Just like Nature incorporates everything inanimate, all the vegetation, and all the animals, so every person must do the same for the entire universe and everything in it. Using our perception, we will control all the forces operating in the universe. Or, stated differently, they will all become accessible to us, for us to understand, attain and perceive them.

This is the level man must evolve to. This is the meaning of the verse: “And all will know Me, from the greatest to the smallest,” and “Adam knew Hava.” This means that man will acquire the Upper Light, energy, wisdom, and mercy. This is our purpose!

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