Another Sad Result Of Another G-20 Summit

laitman_2009-03_7958In the News (from The Guardian):Gordon Brown brokers massive financial aid deal for global economy” World leaders yesterday agreed on a $1.1 trillion injection of financial aid into the global economy. Brown has claimed: “This is the day that the world came together, to fight back against the global recession.” He insisted the deal would save jobs in Britain. The $1.1tn will allow the IMF, the World Bank and others to increase lending to vulnerable countries. There will be a tenfold increase to $250bn in the IMF’s facility allowing members to borrow from other countries’ foreign currency reserves.

My Comment: None of these measures will help. Eventually we will tumble down into another crisis, with only a brief respite in between, like with the Egyptian plagues.

All of this is happening with the sole purpose of helping us recognize that our egoistic nature is evil. Once we recognize this, we will want to get rid of the evil, much like a cancer patient who desires to rid himself of the illness that is spreading throughout his body, yet it cannot be detected or removed.

Precisely this desperate desire enables a person to rid himself of the evil. This is the true exit from Egypt. It is an exit into the world of Light – the revelation of the Upper World and the Upper Force. But how many more summits will it take until we get there?

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