Authentic Kabbalah Does Not Try To Sell Anything

machsomQuestions I received on the names of God, clairvoyants, “Jewish healing,” and Islam:

Question: If the names of God are His qualities, then does the phrase, “His names are upon one person” mean that God bestows His qualities upon that person?

My Answer: If people call you an elephant, does that make you one?

Question: Are there any genuine mediums or clairvoyants? If so, how do they attain the Upper Worlds without the study of Kabbalah?

My Answer: Yes, there are mediums and clairvoyants. But their abilities are confined to the forces of our world and our egoistic subconscious. These people do not attain the Upper World, which is the quality of bestowal, and they do not have a perception of the Upper Force.

Question: Thank you for making authentic Kabbalah accessible. I find your comments on medicine very interesting. I practice a vital, holistic model and I have always had the conviction that everyone is entitled to benefit from it regardless of their ability to pay. I have found one website that claims to teach people to use Kabbalistic wisdom, including contact with the Tzaddikim, to guide decision making. It is connected to “Jewish Healing.” Since they are selling lectures and other such things on the subject, I wanted to consult you as “neutral” source. Do you see this as true Kabbalah?

My Answer: I don’t think it’s Kabbalah because they sell these things. However, it can be a healing practice similar to other methods.

Question: Is it true that Islam’s goal is to dominate the world?

My Answer: Yes, this is a generally known fact.

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  1. In this world I have seen Unidentified Flying Objects (Flying Saucers). What is Kabbalah stand on this subject? Are there other life forces that exist to help up in this world?

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