Every Person Who Aspires To The Creator Can Acquire A Soul

laitman_2009-03_8166A question I received: Can a person who isn’t Jewish acquire a soul? According to Kabbalists like Rabbi Hiya, the soul (Neshama) can only be acquired by a person who observes the Torah.

My Answer: Of course, Rabbi Hiya is right. Every person who aspires to the Creator is called Israel. Every person who corrects his egoism according to the condition, “I created egoism and the Torah for its correction,” is considered a person who observes the Torah and the 613 commandments (he corrects the 613 desires of the soul). He then receives the Upper Light, the revelation of the Creator, inside his corrected desires, called the soul.

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  1. I am just starting to study Kabbalah through your website and I am registered in your Sep9 2009 online training class. I am not Jewish … I only say that so that my question here will make more sense. And please do not take my questions to be coming with a negative intention or trying to cause an argument —- I am genuinely trying to understand this fully and with my heart. Do I need to specifically follow all of the 613 commandments in this physical lifetime (or cummulatively over my multiple lifetimes) to have a soul that will rejoin the collective soul as well as travel the 125 step back to the Creator? With all due respect, many of the 613 commendments (mitzvot in the Torah) are very specific to Jewish dietary and worship traditions that a non-Jew would not know to do or would not know how to do them properly …. and some of the rules seem to indicate that normal practices in non-jewish religions is wrong (ie: Catholics kneeling in front of a statue of Jesus or Mary and saying the Lords Prayer). Some examples of commandments require the proper Jewish training/rights: wearing the Tefillin and preparing food according to the rules and celbrating Shabbat per the prescribed Jeiwsh traditions. And people that are Gay in this life or intermarried (jew and non-jew)… since they are not living according to those particular commandments, will they not have a soul in this physical lifetime? I have read what appears to be conflicing thoughts on this. For instance, we individually only need one correction not all 613 as long as our heart point is geniunely activated and we hunger to learn, correct and be with the creator more than anything else … or ….some say the 613 desires that must be corrected for the soul’s journey back are not specifically the 613 commandments in the Torah since the Torah commandments are for the physical world specifically but 613 soul desires are something spiritual that we cannot understand until we get our 6th sense. Please clarify this … it is very important. I know it is apparent I am an infant in this process… but understanding this key concept will help me move forward. Thanks so much!

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