The Light Is Making The Whole World Change Their Views

what-does-the-torah-say-about-the-red-string1The world is swiftly progressing to the understanding that the source of the crisis is our egoism. People are beginning to realize that the world is integral and everyone is interconnected. No one wants this, but we’re beginning to accept this fact!

Look at what’s happening in America: President Obama is speaking out against AIG handing out bonuses to their employees. It was not long ago that this was considered perfectly normal, but today, this is not acceptable: “People are suffering, and you’re getting bonuses?!”

The general American approach used to be, “What do we care about all these people?! Let them burn!” But today everything’s different. And it’s not Obama that’s leading the revolution – it’s the changing times! Today he can say things he wasn’t able to say before, and this testifies to the fact that this is a new era and a very different situation.

So why is it that we can now tell the people with money that they can’t take more than what others have? It’s because there’s a general realization that we’re all interconnected and that we’re all in the same boat! The fact that this is happening is no accident. It is the revelation of the connection between all the segments of the universe.

Suddenly America has begun to care about the residents of a tent city! Of course, more could be done – a lot more. Nevertheless, this is a brand new phenomenon in its own right. Would anyone have cared about them before? The old approach was, “If you don’t have a house – that’s your problem! No one cares!” But today, this has become a national problem. The world is undergoing colossal changes.

But man can’t change on his own. It is the Light that is changing the people’s perceptions and worldviews.

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