Don’t Be Fooled By The Rise Of The Markets

laitman_2009-03_8080Two questions I received about the future state of the economy:

Question: How do you base your claim that we are living in a new world? So there’s a crisis, but the economists are saying that we’ll begin gradually coming out of it as early as a year from now.

My Answer: If they had such great insight into the future, then we wouldn’t be in today’s terrible predicament. Everyone is “smart” when looking back at the past. When the situation hits rock bottom, everyone starts offering their observations and analysis. So why didn’t they warn us about the danger ahead of time, so we could have corrected everything in time?

The same people who got us into this mess are now telling us that prosperity is only a few years away. But the fact is, no one knows what life will be like in a few years. Even now, during the crisis, they’re still concocting all kinds of new ways to profit from it. With all the market fluctuations, they’re outright lying to us. They’re using these falls and bankruptcies to continue making money.

Where did the current market ascent suddenly come from? Why in the world is the market rising? They’re simply blowing up the bubble even more. There’s no solution to this. We are simply revealing that we now exist in a new system of laws.

Question: Isn’t this how the economy works, by ascending and descending?

My Answer: The economy does not work this way. The economy is not a science, but a reflection of the connection between us. It will be whatever we make it. Right now it is built on our egoism, though we still don’t understand this. We simply make contracts and have all sorts of relationships that make sure everyone will profit, succeed, steal and exploit others. And the fact that someone has thought of a new game is no reason to claim that the crisis is over and everything’s back to normal.

Half a year to a year from now, we will see that the current calmness, quiet and even ascent, which the economists are bringing about, is just a more sophisticated way to keep stealing money.

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  1. Dear Rav;

    Why would you pay money to aquire enlightenment through any method of teaching or is spitual enlightenment a business?

  2. Dear Rav;

    Is paying ten percent of your income to your association not the same as what every organized religion demands? Simply a tax that you and they pay NO tax on.

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