US National Academy Of Sciences Predicts The Darkness Plague

in-the-news-the-biggest-physics-experiment-to-date-a-black-hole-and-the-end-of-the-worldIn the News (from The Guardian):Solar storm could cause planetary disaster at any time, warn scientists” Such a storm today would lead to ‘planetary disaster.’ The NAS study released this January outlined the devastating impact it would have. For instance it could leave half of the US without power within 90 seconds, without coal after 30 days and would take the country a decade to recover. This would have a knock out effect on many of the systems that support our lives, including water and sewage treatment, storage of medicines requiring refrigeration, supermarket deliveries, power station controls and financial markets.

My Comment: This sounds similar to the next Egyptian plague, doesn’t it? Water turning to blood, frogs, vermin, beasts, diseased livestock, boils, thunder and hail, locusts, a strange darkness, and death of the firstborn. But do we really have to go through this in order to verify that we are living in “darkness?”

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