The World Will Never Be The Same

priestAs a result of the crisis, we are beginning to feel that “our prior life is dying” and we are entering a new world. We are revealing a new type of governance, called globalization or integration, where all people are interconnected and interdependent.

Everything is governed by this integral force that connects us with each other. I may not want to depend on China or America or Russia, or on anyone else, but I am told, “It doesn’t matter what you want or don’t want, because everyone is connected with each other! They just don’t know how to find the correct form of connecting, which will satisfy everyone.”

We now see that a lack of knowledge about how to connect brings us disasters. But what can we do about it? No one knows. However, the world will soon realize that there is no way out.

In the past we developed under the influence of our growing egoism, and we understood our world. Even when we felt bad, we understood it. However, today we have to develop differently: under our own influence, in spite of our egoism. Yet we still don’t know how to do this.

Perhaps things will lighten up for a week or even longer, and then people will begin thinking that the crisis has already been resolved. But this is similar to the Egyptian plagues, where the conditions get better only to get worse. We are being thrown back and forth in order to destroy our entire logical foundation, to confuse us completely.

This is exactly what is happening now. Moreover, the blows will become more qualitative. This will lead to even more confusion and humanity will feel more frightened and insecure, while having no understanding of what is going on. And all of this is happening in order to help us realize that we have to find a new approach to ourselves, Nature and the world.

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