Kabbalah Dissemination Is Not Missionary Work

You Are Welcome to Help YourselfA question I received: I just looked at this course because I was going to suggest it to a friend who lives near Raanana. Then I was surprised to see that there is a charge of about $100 for 10 classes. One of the things I’ve been told that indicates authentic Kabbalah is that it should be offered free of charge. Granted, it’s the same cost as my synagogue charges me to take an adult education course, but doesn’t this compromise the idea of disseminating freely, especially in these times of financial hardship?

My Answer: Someone has to pay the rent and maintenance, or would you like someone else to pay them for you? The materials of the “Campus Kabbalah” are available free of charge on our website. When we give public lectures on our own premises, we offer them for free, even though we still have to cover the expenses.

Kabbalah favors the dissemination of knowledge about the world, but it is not missionary work at the expense of others.

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